Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sarah on the Govenor General Awards 2006 (TV)

Update: Sarah did not play the 2006 Govenor Gerneral Awards this year. The quote CBC provided for this year's Award show reflected 2004.


Sarah made a second consecutive return to the Governor General's Performing Arts Awards Gala that took place on November 4, 2006 at National Arts Center in Ottawa.

"A glittering evening of entertainment honours seven outstanding Canadian performers at the 13th annual Governor General's Performing Arts Awards Gala, hosted by Gregory Charles. The Gala, taped at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa in early November features performances by Emmylou Harris, Jackie Richardson and her daughter Kim Richardson, singer/songwriter Sarah Slean, The Drums of Arashi Daiko, George Gao on the erhu an ancient Chinese instrument accompanied by the National Arts Centre Orchestra, sopranos Marie-Josée Lord and Lyne Fortin with baritone Gino Quilico and Gregory Charles in a rousing finale with a 50-member choir." - CBC

"Airs Thurs January 4, 2007 - 9:00 on CBC" CBC
Image credited to the CBC from last year's Governor General Awards where Sarah played The Score backed by a full orchestra.

New Concert Date - Kingston ON

Rockcrew who have promoted some of Sarah's past visits to Kingston, are currently selling tickets for a February 2, 2007 date at the Sydenhem Church, Kingston ON.

The image above is from when Sarah played this venue in her Fall 2005 Intimate and Solo tour.

Update Jan 12, 2007
I have been advised the following..

*Deleted* - Essentially the show has not been confirmed, for confirmed shows see the official site.

I would recommend people hold off on further ticket purchases until the situation can be clarified. Hope to have some updates Monday evening.

Update Jan 13, 2007
Information has been updated on the promoter's site and the proposed show date will likely change. At this time everything to do with the show should be considered tentative. Visit for confirmed tour dates.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Sarah on Canada AM - Dec 11'06

Sarah will be playing live on Canada AM this Monday at 8:50am. She will be playing Lucky Me with the Blue Spruce Quartet. Earlier in the year she did a solo perforamce for Canada AM live from Paris. Sarah also played Mary on Canada AM last year.

Later in the day on Monday, Sarah will be playing a free show for MTV Canada. She is schedualed to play 3 songs for that show.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Free Toronto MTV Show - Dec 11, 06

Taken from
Sarah will be playing a free show for MTV Canada on December 11, 2006 in Toronto.

"For free tickets call: 1.888.491.6888

Show up by 5:30pm at the Masonic Temple
888 Yonge St, Toronto"

I currnetly do not get MTV Canada and am unaware if these Live shows are actually broadcasted on it. I do know for earlier live events such as Sam Roberts and K-OS MTV Canada could show excerpts, CTV doing a weekend 1 hr show, and MTV US picking it pieces for a special too. They do archive the shows on (overdrive) that requires Exploer among other requirements.

For those under 18, you can try use this release:

Sarah was recently interviewed in this venue, The Masonic Temple, for CTV's Etalk daily and has played a concert here when the venue was used for the Mike Bullard show.

Monday, November 27, 2006

New Slean Interviews! (4)

Sarah's new tour has started and serries of interviews are now starting to emerge.

She landed the cover of The Scope in St. John's doing a great question and answer session. Read the full article here.

Andpop also released a recent interview with Sarah featuring some great quotes. She comments on that her next album will have a different approach taken to it then that taken with Day One.
Read that article here.

Update November 28, 2006
Chart Magazine did an article where Sarah talks about loving baking among many other things. Could this mean another apperance on the Food Network? Link.

"Bellstristic Impressions" did an interview which quotes Sarah on having some new poetry from France, Ravens v. 2? Link.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tour Openers

We have been able to uncover some Sarah's openers for her upcoming tour.

Christian Hansen -
Nov 26 2006 7:00P
Myer Horowitz theatre Edmonton

David Myles -
Dec 1 2006 8:00P
Rebecca Cohn Auditorium (Opening for Sarah Slean) Halifax, Nova Scotia
Dec 2 2006 8:00P
The Playhouse (Opening for Sarah Slean) Fredericton, New Brunswick

No news on the other openers and if these shows will be formated with a band, strings, or be solo.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sydnicated Slean News

Update Nov 13, 2006 - Short lived, the service hosting the translation of the home page to a sydnicated feed has shut down its free service for the time being. "They are working hard to overcome this". (Several Weeks)

Nov 11, 2006 post:
Last year littleslean offered its news service in a variety of sydnicated links. That is, when news s is published on you can automatically receive the posted message by Windows Live Messenger (MSN), Email, cell phone, Firefox, Live Journal, news readers, etc.

I have now sydnicated as a RSS feed.

The above services for viewing littleslean news can also be used with the Sarah Slean sydnicated link. You can now stay intune with what's new on Sarah's home page without having to constantly browse it. To avoid redundance news posted to may not always be repeated here, but you can always subscribe to both feeds.

The 5 most recent headlines from will also always be viewable in the sidebar of the littleslean news page. (Links back to are broken). The most recent posts to Sarah's blog is also viewable. The next step is to update the tour dates in a simular fashion.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sarah covers the Stones with Razorlight on French TV

Update: Nov 9, 2006
Sarah and Razorlight on Taratata should be shown this weekend on France TV with an internet video stream to follow. The program website has been updated to show showtimes. This weekend Sarah Slean with also be on Bravo TV. See for more info on that program.

Related news: Oct 8, 2006
As mentioned on, Sarah will be on French TV this month on a program called Tartata.

The original recording took place on September 9, 2006 (not the 11th) and featured a duet with the current charting UK # 1 single band, Razorlight.

1. Philippe Katerine : "Louxor"
2. Sarah Slean : "Lucky me"
3. Sarah Slean et Razorlight : "Play with fire" (Rolling Stones cover)
4. Vincent Delerm : Sous les avalanches
5. Vincent Delerm et Franck Monnet : Si maman si"
6. Fabien Cahen : "C'est beau la vie"
7. Razortlight : "In the morning"

Sarah described how it took many tries for her to recorde the duet with Razorlight as playing face to face each other she found it hard compose her laughter. According to the air date is sometime this month on France 3 and France 4.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Orphan Music - on iTunes

Sarah Slean is in the Canadian iTunes music store. Links to the album are featured on the iTunes Canada page. I have noticed any of the international iTunes sites or Puretracks selling it as of yet.

Orphan Music on iTunes

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Orphan Music - The Day After

Sarah's long awaited live album with studio bsides has been released.

The 15 track album features stripped down songs and versions with new string arrangements. The live songs do present an authentice sound of being at the show.

Sarah promoted the album today on CBC Newsworld in an interview. It's suspected that she has done an interview with CTV E-Talk daily. Sarah has also been doing interviews in the press talking about a variety of topics including illegal downloads. If your interested in photos they used, they are care of

Contests are announced on Sarah Slean in promotion of the new album. Don't forget to view the tour page to see if Sarah is playing your city now.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Canadian Tour Dates Annoucned

The official has been updated to show some schedualed tour dates across Canada and additional locations that are still being considered.

November 26th – EDMONTON , AB– Myer Horowitz Theatre
November 27th – WINNIPEG , MB – West End Cultural Centre
December 1st – HALIFAX , NS – Rebecca Cohen Auditorium
December 2nd – FREDERICTON , NB -The Playhouse
December 3rd – ST. JOHN’s, NFLD – Holy Heart of Mary Auditorium

The sidebar of the littleslean news post has yet to be updated with all of Sarah's concert dates. Please continue to check out and the littleslean news posts for show announcements.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Black Widow shown in German Film Festival

Black Widow was one of the films shown through the end of September at the Germany at 2DF Theatre Kanal.

No current news about a release of Black Widow on DVD or any other festival showings.


Live Album, "Orphan Music" out October 31, 2006

Update 3: Oct 10, 2006
Updated setlist, album cover, and album details on news.

Update 2: Oct 8, 2006

Tracklisting for the live album "Orpahan Music" due this Halloween has been posted on Thanks to tailgunner for posting a link on the forum.

1. Out In The Park
2. Pilgrim
3. Mary
4. Last Years War
5. California
6. Weight
7. Wilderness
8. Lucky Me
9. Narcolepsy Weed
10. Somebodys Arms
11. Score
12. Little London Knight
13. Eliot

Previous post - October 2, 2006

Sarah announced that her live album titled "Orphan Music" will be out October 31, 2006. In the past Sarah advised that shows taken from her 2005 solo tour were being recorded for the project.

Sarah stated at yesterday's reschedualed concert at the Grand Theatre in London, Ontario that the album will contain B-Sides as well.

In an inteview Sarah had with the London Free Press on September 30, 2006, she descibed the title as "Orphan Music takes its title from Slean's sense that her songs -- or "little urchins" -- seem to exist for a moment and then disappear into the air during a live performance."

"Orphan Music" was at also one time considered as a title for her album Day One. "She was tempted to call the album Orphan Music, to describe how she felt cut off from the world, learning to cope for the first time on her own, but she settled on the more hopeful Day One, after a joyous title track about waking up and "spreading love like a terrorist" (source: Stephen Cooke, Halifax Hearld). Another working title for the album Day One was the Baroness, now adapted to the film name Sarah is using with Nelson Chan and branded the official page.


Sunday, October 08, 2006

Slean Tickets on Sale - Toronto Art of Time Ensemble

Sarah Slean makes her return to the Harbourfront Centre Theatre March 16th and 17th 2007 with the Art of time Ensemble.

Schubert: Source and Inspiration
Canadian singers Sarah Slean, Hawksley Workman, Andy Maize (of the Skydiggers) and Martin Tielli (of the Rheostatics) write and perform eight new songs inspired by Franz Schubert's Piano Trio #2.
15 Mar 2007 - 16 Mar 2007

Although the show has not been listed on the Harbourfront page, tickets for the event are on sale now. A seating chart is available here and the final cost of ticket is around $36.

August's news entry on Hawksley Workman's site mentions that he recently has recently worked with Sarah again. Hawksley Workman with Sarah produced produced her album Night Bugs.

Martin Tielli and Sarah both acted in the film de noir musical, Black Widow. Black Widow is up for 6 Gemini Awards.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Video for Weight

After years of waiting with limited information, MTV Overdrive Canada has the video for Weight streaming. The website has many requirements that are needed to be met which include Internet Explorer and may require you to be in Canada. Thanks to Fenian for posting news of this video on Sarah's forum.

The video only coasted around $3,000 to make and was done when Sarah was 19 years of age.
Some facts on the video posted on are:
"Song: Weight

Album: Universe (and later, Nightbugs)
View/Download: unavailable
Other information:
There is a video. I haven't seen it, but the way Sarah Slean describes it, it isn't terribly representative of who she is or what the song is about...

>>Steve said she did make a video for 'Weight', but the likelihood of it ever getting aired on any sort of TV station is pretty slim. I'm thinking maybe we'll see it as a quicktime / realvideo movie on first...

Possibly! Is there a demand for it? Who'd like to see it?
(email me privately)


(posted to Navy Soup Aug 1999)"

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Comments and Feedback? Post it to littleslean news

You can now comment on any of the posts you see on the littleslean news blog. This feature has been enabled as the Sarah Slean forum remains down during the official site's latest launch.

Please feel free to post any storey feedback, show reviews, or your own news. All posts are subject to moderation and should remain Sarah related.

Thank you,


, The Sarah Slean forum has made a return on the official site. Do feel free to send a private message or email my way if you have comments, news, inquires, etc.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Slean plays @ The Glenn Gould - Spring 2007

Update: October 2, 2006
The Glenn Gould show has been cancelled but may be reschedualed for next season. I received the following email today from the Glenn Gould Studio advising of the cancellation.

"I am sorry to inform you that the Night and Day Concert featuring Lou
Pomanti/Sarah Slean/Roxanne Potivin concert has cancelled due to
scheduling difficulties.

The producer hopes to mount this concert next season.

Please be assured we will destroy your order form with your personal

Please accept my apology for this situation and I hope that we may see
you at Glenn Gould Studio in the future."

Original Post: August 15, 2006

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

With the news of one of Sarah's only Canadian shows for 2006 being cancelled, I am happy to announce a 2007 date of Sarah in Toronto. The show has not been announced on Sarah's official site but confirmation does come through the CBC Glenn Gould Studio web site.

Sarah will play the Glenn Gould Studio this spring. Also on the show's line up "Night and Day" are Lou Pomanti and Roxanne Potvin. The artists are to play great standards as part of the CBC serries OnStage. Order forms can be picked up and mailed in online to be processed before the public sale of October 3, 2006.

Pianist, vocalist, visual artist and photograpger Sarah Slean released her first album, Universe, in 1996 at the age of 19. As well as writing original material, Sarah has been known to cover tunes from classic to contemporary. What could be more appropriate than to welcome her back to Glenn Gould Studio - she is a big fan of Canadian pianist Glenn Gould, and wrote two songs about him: the unreleased "Glenn Gould Song" and "Before Your Time", which appeared on her 1998 album Blue Parade.

For more ticket information visit:

Although the box office only opens in September, new information is being published on their website. I have been in contact via email with the Glenn Gould Studio and they have yet been able to provide me with a date.

Grand Theatre Show - Cancelled

The London Free Press has released an article regretfully informing that this Thursday's Sarah Slean concert at the Grand Theatre has been cancelled. A reposting of the statement:

Singer cancels Grand Theatre date
Tue, August 15, 2006

Illness has forced Sarah Slean to cancel her Thursday concert at the Grand Theatre.

The nature of the illness was not disclosed.

The Canadian singer-songwriter had been scheduled to appear as part of the theatreÂ’s Hot August Nights concert series.

No new date has been scheduled for Slean. Call the Grand box office at 519-672-8800 for refund information.

No news has appeared on the official site at this time.* Thanks to Elizabeth for alerting me to this news. All the best to Sarah in overcoming what illness that may have fallen upon her.

Update - August 16, 2006

The official page notes the illness is a vocal problem.


Thursday, June 29, 2006

Another Canadian Concert date - Huntsville, ON

Northern Ontario gets another Sarah show, this time at the Algonquin Theatre.

  • July 19, 2006 - Wednesday - 8:00 pm

You can purchase tickets and get more information here. Thanks to Elizabeth for passing on the news for this show. At this time there is no further indication of another upcoming Canadian concert date of Sarah's.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

New Canadian Concert Date - (August)

Looks like Sarah will have Canadian concert date this summer.

August 17, 2006 - Hot August Night @ The Liberty Grand ? The Grand Theatre, London, ON

Looking ahead into August a little bit, the Grand brings back its Hot August Nights concert series on four Thursdays in a row. The lineup for 2006 has Toronto-area R&B diva Divine Brown Aug. 3; Ron Sexsmith, the Canadian singer-songwriter admired by Elvis Costello and many others, Aug. 10; Toronto-area singer/ songwriter Sarah Slean Aug. 17; and Classic Albums Live: Led Zeppelin I Aug. 24. Classic Albums Live is a Toronto outfit recreating the greatest albums from the 1960s and 1970s note for note and cut for cut. This time it is tackling the Led Zep masterpiece with the famous photo of the exploding airship on the cover.
- The London Free Press, June 1, 2006

Thanks to YenC for the correction. Tickets are on sale now.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Spring/Summer tour dates

Three new shows added:

June 23rd
Festival: Summer Festival
Place: Albi

July 21st
Festival: Festival de Sédières
Place: Sédières

July 28
Festival: Les Extravagances de Biarritz
Place: Biarritz

Sarah sends her regrets that her performance for the June 16 & 17 festival has been cancelled, as well as her September 23rd performance.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Live on Canada AM (TV 05/18/06)

Thanks to Ian for this news:

Sarah Slean will be performing "LUCKY ME" on CANADA AM ( CTV) live from Trocadero Square in Paris, France tomorrow morning ( Thursday, May 18th) at 8:50 am EST. She will be closing the show, which is being broadcast entirely from Paris, and is set directly in front of the Eiffel Tower. Très joli. Check local listings for times in your market.

Sarah has been singing LUCKY ME alot lately, as she has been living in Paris since late January on a 6 month residency to promote and tour "Day One, " that was released by WM France February 27th . The first single "Lucky Me" was just added at Europe 2 ( major national pop rock radio staion) and Le Mouv ( local radio station).

Saturday, May 13, 2006

New Radio Interview Online (audio)

Sarah Slean was interviewed by France radio station TRG on Friday May 12, 2006 and they have hosted the mp3 of the interview on their site.

The interview is conducted in French with a translator assisting Sarah.

Click here to download the interview.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sarah Slean does Floyd, "Us and Them"

Sarah Slean has given her own take on Pink Floyd's "Us and Them". The album, "Pink Floyd Redux, A New Musical Experience" features various artists and is under the Universal label. A radio edit of Sarah's cover has been added to the playlist of some Canadian stations. The album release date is May 30 according to numerous websites.

This is not to be mistaken for "Return to the Darks Side of the Moon: A Tribute to Pink Floyd" being released May 16, 2006.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Lucky Me and Black Widow on DVD

The video for Lucky Me appears to be available in a compilation DVD for Digital Rock Vision, issue 15.

In other DVD news, a fan has received notice that BLACK WIDOW will be released on DVD slated for this Summer.

DVD cover

Listen to Sarah from France (audio)

On April 26, 2006 Sarah played a couple of live songs for Le Fou du Roi on Radio France.

The set is availble on their website in a streaming Real Player format. Click here for the audio link and observe the time's below for Sarah.

Time (hr.min.sec)






MC feat Sarah on Piano?



Lucky Me (partial)



Lucky Me (full)



Bullet Proof (Radiohead cover)

I am unable to translate the French portions of the interview to know if Sarah played support for the MC, why she stopped playing Lucky Me and if Richard Lornac played piano during Bullet Proof. The show is also podcasted but I am unable to see if it's still available in that format.

Update (5/7/06):
Aranter on forum was able to answer the above questions.

  • I really don't think she plays support for the MC as it is actually not a real piece of rap but a sarcastic thing made by an humortist and nothing allow her to think that she plays behind him.
  • They stopped Lucky me in such a brutal way as somebody just took the micro away from Sarah (Stéphane Berne, the host, is himself amazed when this happens) because actually, if the sound is good for us, the problem is that the program is recorded (for this particular day) in a theatre and for the people in there the sound is quite bad, most of them almost don't hear anything.
  • Finally, Richard Lornac is indeed the one who plays piano during Bullet Proof !

Monday, May 01, 2006

France tour update

The May 4th date in Havre has been cancelled and changed to May 13th in

Saturday, April 29, 2006

New Sarah photos (4/28)

An outdoor photo shoot and live photos of Sarah taken yesterday from France can be found, here.

Photos by: Vinciane

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Jammin Downtown - On TV Tonight (4/18)

CBC will once again be reairring their Jammin Downtown special featuring a few live songs from Sarah. Sarah played on a grand piano with the band she toured Day One with.

Tune into CBC Television tonight after the National News at 11:25 p.m.

Some notes from a previous broadcast are:

Guitar - Andrew Aldridge
Bass - Peter "Pico" Picante
Drums - Blake Manning (Shaye)

Track Listing:
01: CBC Introduction [0:44]
02: Lucky Me [3:24]
03: Day One [3:55]
04: Interview [0:21]
05: Mary*
06: Out in the Park*
TOTAL: [7:44]

*Not brodcasted.

"The video taped free evening concert, Jammin' Downtown, marked the first-ever TV production in the new Ottawa broadcast centre. The show features Sarah Slean, singer/songwriter/pianist from Pickering, Ont.; Jim Bryson, singer/songwriter/guitarist from Ottawa; Maria Hawkins, "Ottawa's Blues Lady"; and singer Roxanne Potvin, one of the most promising new talents from the Ottawa area."

Submit your photos!

Send us your live photos of Sarah Slean!

The best submissions will be featured on in the near future.

Please include your first name, as well as the date and city the picture was taken.

Send your submissions to with the subject line: PhotoSubmission.

Good luck!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Official France Tour Dates & an Interview

France Tour dates are now posted in the "Tour" section of the official site:

March 21 - La laiterie club - Strasbourg
March 22 - Le Nouveau Vertigo - Nancy
April 8 - La Cooperative de Mail (1e partie Starsailor) - Clermont-Ferrand
April 13 - Bleu Lezard - Lausanne
April 18 - Poste a Galene - Marseille
April 19 - Chabada - Angers
April 20 - Le Grand Mix - Tourcoing
April 21 - Cafe Danse - Paris
April 22 - Scene Nationale - Dieppe
April 23 - Le Ciel - Grenoble
April 24 - Theatre Galli de Sanari - Toulon
April 28 - Theatre Jacques Coeur - Printemps de Bourges
Mai 4 - Agora (1e partie Final Fantasy) - Havre
Juin 16 - Maury (66) - Festival Voix De Femmes
Juin 17 - Maury (66) - Festival Voix De Femmes
Juin 23 - Summer Festival
These dates will be embeded into the unofficial tour date listing on the side bar of the page. Ticket and venue information may be available on her forum and an attempt to provide links here.

Sylvie Au Contraire posted a fantastic interview she did with Sarah here. I'm uncertain of the exact date of the interview but it would like fall after the Blackwidow showing at the Calagary Film Festival in the Fall of 2005 and Sarah playing in Halifax that December.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Sarah - Photograph submited to the Spin Gallery

*update posted below*
Sarah has donated a photo that is on display currently at the Spin Gallery and to be auctioned of in support of the Aids Committee of Toronto.

Quote from the Spin Gallery:
SNAP Live Auction 2006
Preview at SPIN GALLERY on Thursday 9th from 6-9pm

Preview continues to public on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th open from 12pm to 6pm. Live auction will be held at the brand new National Ballet of Canada (N.B.C).

Curatorial Team :

Maryann Camillery
Juno Youn
David Trevor
Jody Daye
Kelly McCray

Including 9 artists from our gallery :

Kenny Alvin Baird
Bruno Billio
Manuel Bujold
Patrick DeCoste
Nitin Dilawri
Andy Fabo
James Mejia
Sarah Slean
George Whiteside

for further information click on web site :

Update (March 11, 06)
Since1999 on the forum was able provide this update:
Sarah couldn't get her photo/print in on time for the live auction, which as stated above has a preview at Spin until auction night on Sunday... so for those looking online or planning on visiting Spin just to see Sarah's work, it unfortunately won't be there.

I think she's planning on doing an online auction once she submits it though, as her name is still a part of the advertising/promotion and that way her work can still contribute to the charity foundation at a later date.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Sarah on DNTO (songwriter gala repeat)

Sarah playing @ the Song Writters Hall of Fame Galla radio highlight to be played between 3:40 and 4:30 pm today on CBC radio's DNTO.

The TV broadcast is schedualed for this Monday.

Sarah played sang Powder Your Face wish Sunshine by Carmern Lombardo. She was backed by a big band orchestra with a 40's look. As Sarah danced to the song she did make her way over to the piano to play a few keys.


Thursday, March 02, 2006

Stunning New Promo Photos

Some of Sarah's new promotional pictures are linked on her French Lycos Profile. The first two photographs may be shots taken by Renaud (Monfourny?) as Sarah had described in one of her January blog entries. The photograph with Sarah holding her red shoe has appeared in smaller sizes on other website in France such their MTV web site.

The promotional pictures coincide with the release of Day One in both France and Switzerland.

Remember that live pictures of Sarah Slean are always being updated in her Flickr Pool that is displayed on the right side of the littleslean news page.

Related links:
Robert Gil promo photos
Image of Sarah and Lousie Upperton
Sarah Slean's official myspace page - contains other photographs

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Slean Concert on CBC this Saturday (& Last Saturday!)

edit: Feb 26 - It appears Sarah will not be part of today's show. Look for the later half the concert to air another day.

The first half of Sarah's concert on the main stage at this year's Hillside Festival was broadcasted on the CBC Radio One show DNTO last Saturday.

The broadcasted songs included: Lucky Me, Out in the Park, Day One and Mary. They played two more untitled tracks that were likely Vertigo and Your Wish.

The remainder of the concert will air this Saturday on DNTO at 4-4:30pm. The songs will likely include California, Pilgrim, When Another Midnight, Sweet Ones, and Wake Up.

Sarah found things to be a bit off that night playing on the outdoor main stage prior to Stars and The Arcade Fire (Soul Shine magazine). The following day Sarah recorded a workshop with Buck 65 for the CBC Radio Show Fuse. Air date is unknown for the broadcast of that show.

Related Links:
DNTO home page
Hillside Main stage Setlist - Thanks to Sweet One
Hillside Review and Pictures - Slean Message Board

Thanks to Erin who let me know what CBC show she heard this concert on.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Current Europe Dates (unofficial)

A few more confirming posts on Europe dates care of clubinternet and MTV France as sources.

mars 2006
  • Le 21 mars - Strasbourg (La Laiterie)

  • avril 2006
  • Le 12 avril - Montpellier (l'Antirouille)

  • Le 18 avril - Marseille (Poste à Galène)

  • Le 19 avril - Angers (Le Chabada)

  • Le 20 avril - Tourcoing (Grand Mix)

  • Le 21 avril - Paris (Café de la Danse)

  • Le 22 avril - Grenoble (Le Ciel)

  • Le 28 avril - Le Printemps de Bourges
  • Some of the venues for the above dates have ticket information.

    Other news - it appears that February 26th is the new release date of Day One in France. (warner france)

    Wednesday, February 15, 2006

    Sarah's page - official update

    Sarah's profile on is currently being updated by a friend of Sarah's. Recent additions to the developing profile page are the radio mixs of some of her songs scans of her article in Glow Magazine.

    See what's going on and add her to your list here:

    Updates have been made on the recent posts and to the tour dates on littleslean news.

    Wednesday, February 08, 2006

    "Wunderlust" Poetry Reading - Feb 13th

    On Valentine's Eve, a poetry reading by Sarah at the Gladstone Hotel.

    ~ Wanderlust ~
    erotic tales in strange lands

    The Royal Sarcophagus Society presents for your pleasure an evening of provocative poetry, raunchy road-trip tales and alluring adventures inspired by the nether-worlds, the nether regions, and heavens, even the Netherlands!

    With special guest readers:
    Russell Smith (novelist)
    Sarah Slean (poet)
    Damian Rogers (unicorn hunter)
    Alessandro Porco (pop-culture poet)

    And, featuring from the RSS:
    Nancy Baker (dark fantasy author)
    David Keyes (gentlemen's pornographer)
    Liisa Ladouceur (poet)

    Monday, February 13, 2006
    The ArtBar in the Gladstone Hotel
    (1214 Queen St. W. at Dufferin)
    $6 or $4 with RSS membership card
    Doors 8pm. Readings 8:30 - 10pm.
    RSS member open mic 10:30pm
    Thanks to Elizabeth for the information. Source,

    Update: Sarah read a few new poems with her Powerbook laptop and out of borrowed copy of Ravens. Show reviews on Sarah's message board and a detailed post by Elizabeth on live journal.

    Sarah Panels CBC's National Playlist (next week)

    Image from the CBC, National Playlist

    Next week Sarah will be one of the panelists on the CBC radio show, the National Playlist. She will host the show along side journalists Laurie Brow and Carl Wilson.

    • The Debate: Weekdays at 11:30 a.m. (12:00 NT) on CBC Radio One.

    Comments from the panelists are also made available online. There has been some prior discussion on Sarah's board to advocate her song Eliot for the playlist.

    Tuesday, February 07, 2006

    Sarah in the Media. - updates coming

    Sarah has been spread all over the media the last few days.

    On Friday was her the Bleak House art show openning featuring her paintings and Louise Upperton's work at the Spin Gallery. Details from the Gala performance and art will be posted shortly. A quick look at Sarah pieces available for sale are:

    Saturday's Globe and Mail featured a lenghly article on Sarah. The full text can be viewed online here. Sarah's picture was on the front fold of the paper. This article comes a week later after the Toronto Star featured a question and answer with Sarah.

    On Sunday Sarah played at the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame. CBC brodcasts dates have been amended to what was first reported. Sarah performed "Powder Your Face With Sunshine" in a beautiful dress.

    This post will be updated with more news and pictures from the event. Tune into eTalk this Tuesday for a look into the Gala openning.

    Friday, January 27, 2006

    Sarah included in CBC special on Canadian Music

    CBC TV will be airring a special on Canadian music packed with interviews in a special 2 hour special this monday. The show, Shakin' All Over, starts at 8:00 and features archived footage and interviews including Sarah.

    A soundtrack and DVD of the special are also in the works.

    Read more from the Chart Magazine article. Thanks to Matthew for the heads up.

    Wednesday, January 25, 2006

    Sarah's on the Cover of Eye Weekly

    Image hosting by Photobucket

    Nancy "Satine" was the first to notice that Sarah is on the cover of the free weekly, EYE. Sarah is interviewed at the Spin Gallery where her art show is to take place. Some new artwork that she did in Banf might make an appearance at the show. This year Sarah was voted Toronto's best musician in Eye's year end poll, the Spin Gallery was voted best small gallery.

    Sarah might be featured on the biography channel sometime too.

    Read the full article online and view a second picture.

    Sunday, January 22, 2006

    Vote Slean - Top of the Pops

    While elections are being held across Canada, Sarah is running for Top of the Pops in France.

    Lucky Me is the single that is trying to take on the likes of Madonna and Shakira.

    Watch the video and vote Slean.

    Sarah on the Radio - Jan 27th

    Oui Rock FM in France is having a session with Sarah Slean on January 27, 2006 according to their site. The station does interviews, album previews, and performances mostly in French. OuiFM is carried over satalite and webcasted in a variety of formats. You may have to disable pop up blockers and view the site in Explorer to access streams. Alternativly, these may work for your designated player:
    real player,
    quicktime/winamp, browser page - windows media player

    • Friday, January 27, 22:40 (France) - 4:40pm (Ontario)


    Thanks to Andrea "flare" for the find.

    Monday, January 16, 2006

    Black Widow - Press

    Black Widow airs this Thursday on the CBC at 8:00. With the lead up to it's television debut, Sarah has been interviewed in a varity of sources.

    Saturday morning on CBC Radio 1's show DNTO they played Sarah's cover of the song Love for Sale. A plug was made for Black Widow before and after the airing.

    Later that day Sarah's interview with StarTV about Black Widow was shown on City TV. The interview takes place in a busy art supply store as Sarah talks about her role in the movie and how she took to acting.

    A couple of print interviews with Sarah talking about the movie have been posted on Sarah's Message board. Here is one from the Canadian Free Press.

    On the Black Widow web site some quotes of Sarah's are available.

    According to Sarah's last blog posting in Mcleans it appears that she did media work for Black Widow on the 14th of December, the day before her 2 Harbourfront concerts.

    Tonight Etalk Daily also has a short promo for Black Widow.

    Black Widow's airring on the CBC was shown start to finish commercial free. Reviews of the film seemed to indicate that people enjoyed the 3 songs of Sarah. Reaction to the film was a bit mixed by fans.

    Monday, January 09, 2006

    Photo Contest on Forum

    Image hosted by
    Sarah Slean - Age 5 - archives.

    Want to see Sarah play with the Blue Spruce Quartet for her art show openning?

    Just announced on her forum is a photo contest to win your way into the invite only gala.

    "You could win two tickets to the invite only viewing and performance with the Blue Spruce Quartet, February 3rd, 6:00 - 8:30.
    The two winners will each be given a pair of these invitation only tickets.
    To win, we want to see your best live Sarah Slean photo.
    Just post your photo here and winners will be announced on January 26.
    This contest is only open to registered members."
    If your a board memeber of the forum, enter the contest here.

    Paris Concert Date - January 24 2006

    A concert date in Paris has been announced on the venue's site for:

    The website contains a link for ticket information as well as venue photos. This date has not been confirmed on Sarah's offical web site. If you're in the region, a phone number is listed that may be able to confirm things further.

    Update, Jan 11, 2006
    Another site has this concert listed with a write up in French.
    link. Another site that lists this concert seems to indicate that she is playing with a Beatles cover act?

    Sunday, January 01, 2006

    New Promo Pictures from Paris

    Sarah Slean portrait by Robert Gil
    - Portrait by Robert Gil

    New portrait photographs of Sarah were taken by photographer Robert Gil in Paris. She is wearing the wrapped dress that she had worn two days earlier at her last show in Toronto. I believe the dress was made by a friend of hers.