Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Canadian Tour - Presale Tomorrow

The Canadian Tour dates have been announced. The presale is tomorrow. Visit SarahSlean.com for all the tour info.

Monday, March 24, 2008

April 1 - Live Slean Taping for Beautiful Noise (Update)

Chromwaves.net just published a list today of Season 3 performers for Rave HD / Sun TV's television series Beautiful Noise. Sarah appears on the show April 1st, 2008 with Jim White.

Performances are filmed at the Berkeley Church in Toronto. It does not appear that invitations are open to the public but Chromewaves is having a contest.

UPDATE 2008-03-25 - SarahSlean.com has a link to RSVP a request into the show. View the news article here.

Read a New Poem by Sarah Slean

Previously we posted about Lucy Rupert's dance titled the Abcedarian inspired by Sarah's poem of the same name.

The video of the dance has been available on YouTube but now for the first time the poem has been published in its entirety.

You can read it here on Lucy's Blog.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

CD Release Concert Review - Joe's Pub, NYC

Asking around for reviews of the CD release party, I received the following detailed review, set list, and picture courtesy of Chris. He flew into the show, this is his review.

"Sarah and her band took the stage at about 7:30. I can't be sure of the names of the band members, but there was a drummer, guitarist, and an upright bass player. The guitarist snag backups on most songs and the rest of the band joined in on a song or two. The show was rather short, maybe just over an hour. She performed Lucky Me standing in front of the piano, sort of moving to the music similar to how she did in the video for that song. I was afraid it would be awkward for her to stand and sing a song without something to do with her hands, butshe pulled it off beautifully. Afterward, Sarah came out and talked with about 20 fans who had waited around for her, signed autographs,and was her charming self."

Set List:
1. California
2. Duncan
3. Notes From The Underground (correction)
4. No Place At All
5. Please Be Good To Me
6. Lucky Me (standing, no piano)
-- band leaves --
7. Pilgrim (solo)
8. Blue Parade (solo)
-- band returns --
9. Goodnight Trouble
10. Get Home
11. Looking For Someone
-- encore --
12. Universe (solo)
13. Parasol (with band)

Thanks again to Chris for providing that review. Other reports stated that it was a great show but they felt it just felt too short. A Canadian tour is set for May.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Listen to Sarah Play on CBC Q (MP3)

To hear today's broadcast of Sarah on CBC's Q you can pick up their podcast (mono mp3).

Sarah opened the show playing Get Home followed by a short interview regards to the song and the album title. They came back to Sarah later in the show where she played No Place at All. To close the show they returned to Sarah and she played Looking for Someone. All songs were played on an in studio grand piano.

In the closing statement they mentioned the Canadian tour will start in May.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sarah's Notes on Each Album Track

What was Sarah thinking? Who was doing background vocals on Looking for Someone?
Well you can gather answers from Sarah herself on the official page.

Click on the song titles and more information will be displayed for each track.

Friday, March 07, 2008

The Baroness - The Physical Copy

Today early copies of the Baroness started to arrive in the hands of some fans. Like Orphan Music, The Baroness is packaged as a Digipak. You can have a look at the album and hear some song samples and fan interviews on the video posted from the Ottawa Citizen listening party.

To note, this album does not contain any bonus tracks like her previous album have. For more notes on songs that did not make, see this post.

For those that are looking to still buy the album, I have posted links and prices in this thread.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sarah Slean - Get Home (Official Video)

The official video of Get Home has been added to SarahSlean.com site. You can view a YouTube copy of it here:

The video concept as her being a powerful Baroness in this 1940's theme and then being striped bare to her true self. Sarah spoke with E-Talk, MTV's E2, and Entertainment Tonight Canada on the set of the video.

On SarahSleanContest.com the create your own Get Home video contest continues. At the time of publishing, 70 videos have been submitted so far. The next 30 videos to be submitted are still eligible to receive a signed a poster.

Please feel free to give a vote for myself or any other of your favourites.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Hear the New Album now - Flare.com

As posted on Sarah's homepage, Flare.com has the new Sarah Slean up in it's entirety in streaming format.

Give your first listen to The Baroness here:

MTV.ca might be 'dropping' the album tomorrow afternoon according to their schedule.

In anticipation of the album release Sarah was on both MTV's E2 this week and E -Talk daily doing interviews on the set of the video for Get Home. A clip of the video was shown over the end credits of E-Talk.