Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Project: Scrapbook

Two, possibly three, years in the thought process... Project Scrapbook is finally being put into action and we want YOU to get involved.

Sarah Slean fans across Canada, and well... the world really, are coming together in a unique collaboration to give a little something back to Sarah.

The Idea:

A scrapbook with a page for each fan to decorate however he/she chooses. Write Sarah a message. Draw her a picture. Whatever your little heart desires.

To be included in the project, complete your 12"x12" page (standard scrapbook-sized paper... which you can just cut out of a bigger piece of paper or poster board if you're a guy and don't want to tolerate the social stigma of actually walking into a scrapbook store.) and send it to the project coordinator before mid-June because the goal is to give it to Sarah for her birthday.

Now get off the computer and pull all your sleanster passioneer creativity out from your pillowcases and maybe, just maybe, we'll see it materialize before June 21.

Want more details, check this thread or email me at nicole at littleslean dot com.


Friday, February 18, 2005

Slean - current events

  1. Tomorrow morning there will the highlights of Mix99 Humble and Fred show. It will include the valentines special with Sarah. You can listen to the streamed webcast if your outside of the Toronto area.
  2. Sarah was on Musique Plus this Monday. She did Mary, Day One, and doing an interview that was translated in French. If anyone happened to recorde it, please contact me.
  3. More Sarah concerts are being announced for April across Canada. Some tickets are on ticket master although they might not be listed on Sarah's offical page.
  4. Sarah and Jorane have been working on a song together to do on their tour. It's not quite done yet.
  5. Chart magazine was shooting photographs at her TO show and it looks like might have been present. Make sure to keep an eye on your local media. The sarahslean message board has been full of shots from her Mod show gig among others.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Day One video

Sarah Slean, though busy touring and promoting her new album, at some point in the past few months, neglected to mention that she was producing a second music video for the title track to "Day One."

The music video is a refreshing stray from the cliche twenty-something female vocalist video. It charmingly captures Sarah Slean's artistic nature (through animation by Nelson Chan) both musically and visually.

To view a stream of the video:

Windows Media Player
Real Media Player

Help promote the new video by voting it into the top ten on


Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentines - Sarah on Mix99

Sarah was on the Humble and Fred radio show this morning on the Mix99. They joked about Sarah missing their Christmas show and the early start time today.

Sarah played Day One with Andrew on guitar. That's the new single and the video has recently appeard on MuchMoreMusic. The Mix99 then opened the phones lines to where a person would talk about their valentine and then Sarah would construct a song a song for them. I believe she made 2 or 3 of these songs with Humble and Fred helping her along the way. They were pretty funny and Sarah seemed to be in good a good mood. She concluded that she return to Toronto to play at the Phoenix Concert Hall on April 16th. That's one big venue .

Keep your eyes and ears open. Have a sweet valentines.

Cameron Bay.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Chart Magazine interviews Sarah Slean

Sarah at the Juno Nominations. Images from Chart Mag "damn" ;)

Chart spoke to Sarah at the Juno nominations today. She mentioned that she would like to do a sexy duet at the show with K-OS or Mat Mays. Read it all here.

Another headline on Chart today was, "Meet The Juno Nominees: The Waking Eyes Dub Sarah Slean "Not Ugly"". Of course that's not new news to most of you but they do mention how she is the person they would "like to do sexed-up duet with at the Junos" source, chart

Monday, February 07, 2005

Sarah Slean nominated for a Juno

A new category has been created for the Juno awards, and Sarah Slean is one of the very first nominees.


All Of Our Names - Sarah Harmer
Matt Mays - Matt Mays
Retriever - Ron Sexsmith
Day One - Sarah Slean
Want Two - Rufus Wainwright

Also of note, Pete Prilesnik has been nominated for his engineering work on Lucky Me.


Vic Florencia "Shot Down My Heart", "When Rita Takes the 'A' Train" Make Believe Ballroom – Marc Jordan
John MacLean & Sheldon Zaharko "Jumbo Jet Headache" I/O – Limblifter
Peter Prilesnik (co-engineer Eric Ratz) "Lucky Me", "Day One" Day One – Sarah Slean
Bob Rock "Welcome to My Life", "Me Against the World" Still Not Getting Any – Simple Plan
L. Stu Young "What Do You Want", "Man in Your Life" Musicology – Prince

Juno Award Nominees

Thursday, February 03, 2005

1 Night Only - Sarah in London England

From Cathy posted on the SS message board:
Friday February 4, 2005
5:00 PM sharp
606 Club
90 Lots Road
SW10 Chelsea

This is a showcase for industry professionals but it would be great to have some Slean fans in the audience. Spread the word.

And, before you ask, no... she will not be playing any other shows in the UK at this time.

If your following that thread news is that Sarah has been in Germany working very hard for the world release of Day One.