Sunday, May 07, 2006

Listen to Sarah from France (audio)

On April 26, 2006 Sarah played a couple of live songs for Le Fou du Roi on Radio France.

The set is availble on their website in a streaming Real Player format. Click here for the audio link and observe the time's below for Sarah.

Time (hr.min.sec)






MC feat Sarah on Piano?



Lucky Me (partial)



Lucky Me (full)



Bullet Proof (Radiohead cover)

I am unable to translate the French portions of the interview to know if Sarah played support for the MC, why she stopped playing Lucky Me and if Richard Lornac played piano during Bullet Proof. The show is also podcasted but I am unable to see if it's still available in that format.

Update (5/7/06):
Aranter on forum was able to answer the above questions.

  • I really don't think she plays support for the MC as it is actually not a real piece of rap but a sarcastic thing made by an humortist and nothing allow her to think that she plays behind him.
  • They stopped Lucky me in such a brutal way as somebody just took the micro away from Sarah (Stéphane Berne, the host, is himself amazed when this happens) because actually, if the sound is good for us, the problem is that the program is recorded (for this particular day) in a theatre and for the people in there the sound is quite bad, most of them almost don't hear anything.
  • Finally, Richard Lornac is indeed the one who plays piano during Bullet Proof !

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