Friday, March 17, 2006

Official France Tour Dates & an Interview

France Tour dates are now posted in the "Tour" section of the official site:

March 21 - La laiterie club - Strasbourg
March 22 - Le Nouveau Vertigo - Nancy
April 8 - La Cooperative de Mail (1e partie Starsailor) - Clermont-Ferrand
April 13 - Bleu Lezard - Lausanne
April 18 - Poste a Galene - Marseille
April 19 - Chabada - Angers
April 20 - Le Grand Mix - Tourcoing
April 21 - Cafe Danse - Paris
April 22 - Scene Nationale - Dieppe
April 23 - Le Ciel - Grenoble
April 24 - Theatre Galli de Sanari - Toulon
April 28 - Theatre Jacques Coeur - Printemps de Bourges
Mai 4 - Agora (1e partie Final Fantasy) - Havre
Juin 16 - Maury (66) - Festival Voix De Femmes
Juin 17 - Maury (66) - Festival Voix De Femmes
Juin 23 - Summer Festival
These dates will be embeded into the unofficial tour date listing on the side bar of the page. Ticket and venue information may be available on her forum and an attempt to provide links here.

Sylvie Au Contraire posted a fantastic interview she did with Sarah here. I'm uncertain of the exact date of the interview but it would like fall after the Blackwidow showing at the Calagary Film Festival in the Fall of 2005 and Sarah playing in Halifax that December.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Sarah - Photograph submited to the Spin Gallery

*update posted below*
Sarah has donated a photo that is on display currently at the Spin Gallery and to be auctioned of in support of the Aids Committee of Toronto.

Quote from the Spin Gallery:
SNAP Live Auction 2006
Preview at SPIN GALLERY on Thursday 9th from 6-9pm

Preview continues to public on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th open from 12pm to 6pm. Live auction will be held at the brand new National Ballet of Canada (N.B.C).

Curatorial Team :

Maryann Camillery
Juno Youn
David Trevor
Jody Daye
Kelly McCray

Including 9 artists from our gallery :

Kenny Alvin Baird
Bruno Billio
Manuel Bujold
Patrick DeCoste
Nitin Dilawri
Andy Fabo
James Mejia
Sarah Slean
George Whiteside

for further information click on web site :

Update (March 11, 06)
Since1999 on the forum was able provide this update:
Sarah couldn't get her photo/print in on time for the live auction, which as stated above has a preview at Spin until auction night on Sunday... so for those looking online or planning on visiting Spin just to see Sarah's work, it unfortunately won't be there.

I think she's planning on doing an online auction once she submits it though, as her name is still a part of the advertising/promotion and that way her work can still contribute to the charity foundation at a later date.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Sarah on DNTO (songwriter gala repeat)

Sarah playing @ the Song Writters Hall of Fame Galla radio highlight to be played between 3:40 and 4:30 pm today on CBC radio's DNTO.

The TV broadcast is schedualed for this Monday.

Sarah played sang Powder Your Face wish Sunshine by Carmern Lombardo. She was backed by a big band orchestra with a 40's look. As Sarah danced to the song she did make her way over to the piano to play a few keys.


Thursday, March 02, 2006

Stunning New Promo Photos

Some of Sarah's new promotional pictures are linked on her French Lycos Profile. The first two photographs may be shots taken by Renaud (Monfourny?) as Sarah had described in one of her January blog entries. The photograph with Sarah holding her red shoe has appeared in smaller sizes on other website in France such their MTV web site.

The promotional pictures coincide with the release of Day One in both France and Switzerland.

Remember that live pictures of Sarah Slean are always being updated in her Flickr Pool that is displayed on the right side of the littleslean news page.

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