Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Live Album, "Orphan Music" out October 31, 2006

Update 3: Oct 10, 2006
Updated setlist, album cover, and album details on sarahslean.com news.

Update 2: Oct 8, 2006

Tracklisting for the live album "Orpahan Music" due this Halloween has been posted on cdplus.com. Thanks to tailgunner for posting a link on the sarahslean.com forum.

1. Out In The Park
2. Pilgrim
3. Mary
4. Last Years War
5. California
6. Weight
7. Wilderness
8. Lucky Me
9. Narcolepsy Weed
10. Somebodys Arms
11. Score
12. Little London Knight
13. Eliot

Previous post - October 2, 2006

Sarah announced that her live album titled "Orphan Music" will be out October 31, 2006. In the past Sarah advised that shows taken from her 2005 solo tour were being recorded for the project.

Sarah stated at yesterday's reschedualed concert at the Grand Theatre in London, Ontario that the album will contain B-Sides as well.

In an inteview Sarah had with the London Free Press on September 30, 2006, she descibed the title as "Orphan Music takes its title from Slean's sense that her songs -- or "little urchins" -- seem to exist for a moment and then disappear into the air during a live performance."

"Orphan Music" was at also one time considered as a title for her album Day One. "She was tempted to call the album Orphan Music, to describe how she felt cut off from the world, learning to cope for the first time on her own, but she settled on the more hopeful Day One, after a joyous title track about waking up and "spreading love like a terrorist" (source: Stephen Cooke, Halifax Hearld). Another working title for the album Day One was the Baroness, now adapted to the film name Sarah is using with Nelson Chan and branded the official page.


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