Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sarah's New Album - Everything We Know (12/16/07)

While Sarah continues to work on her new album, blog and play a few shows; I have put together what is known about the new album. This information has been updated with noted changes.

Working Title: The Baroness

A glance at cover art and promo images was previously posted in our news entry of April 24, 2007. Sarah's website, myspace, and blog have had new imagery supporting the Baroness and replacing the imagery seen with Day One. 12/16/07 upate: Sarah's official site now has been overhauled once again, this time reflecting the promo images taken from April. These Changes have also disabled any of her blog entries.

Tracklisting: (not sequenced and not final)
  • The Rose - "This string arrangement will break your poor heart into tiny bite-sized pieces." An earlier version of this song was recorded with Sarah's show with the Art of Time Ensemble as part of the Schubert 'Source and Inspiration Show" - Audio, Lyrics.
  • Compatriots - is a manic parade through circus-ville... - Played in 2007
  • Good Night Trouble
  • Notes from the Underground 12/16/07 upate: Played live in 2007
  • No Place At All - Played live in 2007
  • Willow
  • Looking for Someone - Sarah has played this song a few times live dating back to Fall of 2006 and with the addition of Strings at the December Toronto show. The song was recorded and played on CBC radio as part of their recording of the Socan Songwritters Circle at this year's ECMA.
The above song titles and quotes were excerpted out of Sarah's July 21, 2007 blog entry. The italicized notes and links were inserted by myself.

Additionally considered tracks:
  • My Song - Played in the Spring of 2005, recorded as part of CBC's FUSE tapping alongside Buck 65.
  • Parasol / Sweet Virginia - Played in 2006
  • So Many Miles - Played in 2006
  • No Place At All - Played in 2007
  • Remember (Rescue?) Me - Played in 2007
  • Get Home - Played in 2007. 12/16/07 upate: A rough demo is now available through her new mailing list and can be streamed on Sarah's myspace page.
12/16/07 upate: The five (4) following songs were listed on her Novermber 22, 2007 setlist although they have been yet to be played live.
  • Modern Man
  • The Right Words
  • H Hearts
  • Please b g time
These are just some songs that stand not to be 'orphaned' for the new album. In Sarah's blog entry of June 28, 2007 she mentions having 18 songs set for the album. In that same entry it indicates that this is a home recording. The co-producer mentioned is Jag, who I presume is the Jagori Tanna from the band I Mother Earth. Jag also did the engineering and mixing on Sarah's latest release, Orphan Music.

12/16/07 upate: The album is being mixed David Bottrill (Tool, Muse) according to Sarah's December site message.

Release Date:

12/16/07 upate: Updates to announce the release date of March 2008. I have been made aware that other projects are set to be released around the same time.

Rumoured to be February 2008. In Sarah's July 5, 2007 post entry she references 5 songs at stage near final completion.

Her score book and book of poetry, Raven's volume 2 are both scheduled for November of this year according to another of her blog entries. Do take these dates with a grain of salt things do tend to slide around.

  • Sarah's blog is far more then just news on her new album and daily musings. Some very poetic and personal posts are contained there. Her myspace page syndicates most of the blog posts but at times it will have separate entries such as "Moan Hall".
  • At the time of publishing the parent site to this news page, is down. I don't know anything else regards to that other then new entries will still be available on the littleslean news page as it is hosted independently.