Monday, October 02, 2006

Video for Weight

After years of waiting with limited information, MTV Overdrive Canada has the video for Weight streaming. The website has many requirements that are needed to be met which include Internet Explorer and may require you to be in Canada. Thanks to Fenian for posting news of this video on Sarah's forum.

The video only coasted around $3,000 to make and was done when Sarah was 19 years of age.
Some facts on the video posted on are:
"Song: Weight

Album: Universe (and later, Nightbugs)
View/Download: unavailable
Other information:
There is a video. I haven't seen it, but the way Sarah Slean describes it, it isn't terribly representative of who she is or what the song is about...

>>Steve said she did make a video for 'Weight', but the likelihood of it ever getting aired on any sort of TV station is pretty slim. I'm thinking maybe we'll see it as a quicktime / realvideo movie on first...

Possibly! Is there a demand for it? Who'd like to see it?
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(posted to Navy Soup Aug 1999)"

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