Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sarah provides Poetry to Dance Work

Sarah wrote a poem, "The Abecedarian", for dance choreographer and artist Lucy Rupert's. The work was premiered as part of Wrecking Ball IV shown November 8-11 at the Theatre Centre

The Abecedarian (world premiere) choreographed by Lucy Rupert
Award-winning artist and artistic director of Blue Ceiling Dance, Lucy Rupert uses email, webcasts and film footage to create a duet from afar with dancer Kyle Abraham (New York/Pittsburgh). Songstress and poet Sarah Slean provides the words which are captured along with Abraham’s dancing in projected images which provide the sound score for Rupert’s live dancing. - The Wrecking Ball (retrieved Nov 13, 2007)
An entry from Lucy Rupert's blog seems to indicate that words to the poem might be added to sarahslean.com at some point in the future. At the time of publishing, no updates were noted to Sarah's official website, blog, or myspace.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Sarah plays @ Cavalcade of Lights

Sarah is scheduled to play at this year's Cavalcade of Lights opening celebration at Natahan Phillips Square in Toronto on Saturday November 24. Thanks to Sweetone's on the Sarah Slean forum that posted regards to the show being announced via a Chum news letter earlier today.

For those that can not make it down, City TV has announced that they will broadcast this year's event starting at 7:00pm. Sarah is scheduled to play after 7:25pm.

In other news, the Sarah Slean Peterborough concert has now been confirmed on the official tour page of sarahslean.com.

Update (Nov 23, 2007) - Sarah is set to play two seasonal songs.
Update (Nov 24, 2007) - CP24 will be showing the event live. CityTV may show it at a later date as the program is set to repeat.

Update (Dec 16, 2007) - CP24 did air the broadcast but Sarah's performance was not shown to TV viewers as they cut away to air a montage of the days news and commercials. Sarah was shown partially in group number of Walking in a Winter Wonderland. The non aired songs were What Child Is This? (Available on Women and Songs Christmas album) and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. I could not find any re-air dates.

Monday, November 05, 2007

November Tour

A few tour dates confirmed and unconfirmed have been announced.
Note that the format of these shows are still unknown. Sarah's last known public performance was with with a Trio opening for James Blunt on October 1, 2007. Suggestions have been requested on sarahslean.com to be emailed to Sarah with regards to what format you would like to see at this year's December shows at Harbourfront.

12/16/07 upate: Sarah did play the 3 above dates. No news has surfaced regards to the set lists of the Peterborough or North Bay shows.