Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sarah in the Media. - updates coming

Sarah has been spread all over the media the last few days.

On Friday was her the Bleak House art show openning featuring her paintings and Louise Upperton's work at the Spin Gallery. Details from the Gala performance and art will be posted shortly. A quick look at Sarah pieces available for sale are:

Saturday's Globe and Mail featured a lenghly article on Sarah. The full text can be viewed online here. Sarah's picture was on the front fold of the paper. This article comes a week later after the Toronto Star featured a question and answer with Sarah.

On Sunday Sarah played at the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame. CBC brodcasts dates have been amended to what was first reported. Sarah performed "Powder Your Face With Sunshine" in a beautiful dress.

This post will be updated with more news and pictures from the event. Tune into eTalk this Tuesday for a look into the Gala openning.

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