Wednesday, February 03, 2010

New Concert for Stream (audio)

Sarah Slean played a private gala concert for the volunteers of the Regina Folk Festival on December 5th. Sarah had played the festival back in 2007 and 2005. The show was under pretty tight wraps but you can hear every track and see pictures on CBC's recent Concert on Demand! Alternative links to the files can be found here.

The recording is very unique as it's a rare solo show that features new covers and new arrangements including songs like So Many Miles and Leonard Cohen's Suzzane.

Also on CBC Concert's on Demand is the recording of Sarah and the Art of Time Ensemble playing the Abbey Road concert.

Update: 2010-2-20
This concert will be played live on CBC 2 This Monday.

"Monday, February 22, 2010
concert 1: Sarah Slean
recorded at the CBC Regina Galleria
Sarah Slean is one of Canada's great creative visionaries. She's been nominated for two Juno awards and two Gemini awards and is a true Renaissance woman in her artistic expression. Trained as a classical pianist, Sarah's performances continue to be informed by that musical sensibility, especially in her collaborations with many of Canada's finest classical orchestras and ensembles. A gifted songwriter, Sarah is also a poet, and books of her poetry have even accompanied album releases. She's also a visual artist. Given her diverse forms of creative expression, it's not surprising her list of influences is equally eclectic including Glenn Gould, Tom Waits, PJ Harvey and even Irving Berlin. This private concert was put together by the Regina Folk Festival as a special thank you to their volunteers in celebration of the organization's 40th anniversary."