Monday, March 29, 2010

Sarah on Murder in Small Town X (Video)

Footage from Sarah's guest appearance on the 2001 Fox TV show Murder in Small Town X has surfaced.

Acting as a performer at the "Sunset Club", Sarah  is seen playing Sweet Ones at 4:30 mark and Everything by the Gallon at 6:38 .

Sarah was quoted as not being a fan of the show but this is the only official recording of Everything By The Gallon.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sarah and Joel Plaskett on the New Album

If you missed the headline posted not so long on Sarah's site, Joel Plaskett is working on Sarah's new independent album.  He currently has a few couple of tours coming up so it might take a little time before they get together.

Hallifax's The Coast had the following quotes from Joel about about working with Sarah saying "it's cool that she thought of me" and "Stylistically we're different, but it will be fun."

Canoe's article states "he is writing new songs for Sarah Slean."  Sarah's official site says they are "melding creative worlds."  These quotes tend to point out that Joel may have more active role then just a producer of the album and may take an unusual path for Sarah collaborating on the lyrics.
YourMediaPass asked about his future "I am going to see if I can produce some records for Sarah Slean" indicating that more then one album might be in the works.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sarah's article on Arranging Strings

Sarah wrote an article for Canadian Musicians on arranging strings. The full page goes into great detail relating what she hears in the scores of others and in her own work. I am uncertain of the date of this article but recently Sarah was in Paris scoring strings for a Paris Orchestra.
Strings, glorious, strings. Who can
resist them? In my view, their
power to manipulate emotion is
unsurpassed. The timbre of the
violin is closest to that of the human
voice – and perhaps this is why we find
it so irresistibly, painfully beautiful...

- Sarah Slean, Canadian Musician

An image of this article is posted on Sarah's official site here, but you can view the entire PDF on Canadian Musician. The file also contains articles from fellow artists Sarah has shared the stage with like Ron Sexsmith and Emm Gryner.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sarah covers The Right Thing (audio preview)

At 2008's Canwest Cabaret Festival Sarah was involved in multiple work shops including Toronto Sings Breithaupt Brother Songbook. In the fall of 2009 that concert was put out as a live album with Sarah singing the lead track, The Right Thing.

You can find the song on and iTune's Canadian store.

Thanks to reader Sean for giving me this tip sometime ago.

If you're able to visit the Canadian iTunes Store, they do have an 8 minute long video interview with Sarah likely recorded on 2006-12-11 where Sarah played live on MTV Overdrive. The interview discuses why she did Orphan Music as a live album/bside album, how she ended up cover Pink Floyd and what she thinks of blogging. You can download it free from iTunes here.

PS- Sarah's official site has been lively with news the last few days.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rwanda Rises Up - June 12th (TV)

Song for Africa, Rwanda Rises Up documentary featuring Sarah Slean will air June 12th on City TV. Pushed back slightly from date in May, the exact dates and times for the release were published in today's Song For Africa newsletter.

SFA Documentary #2 Filming in Rwanda
Production on the second SFA Documentary entitled Rwanda: Rises Up
successfully wrapped shooting in Rwanda last November. Director Derek
Horn once again took the helm and music producer David Bottrill (Tool,
Muse, Silverchair…) handled the recording aspect for the accompanying
album, with artists Damhnait Doyle, Steve Bay from Hot Hot Heat, Sarah
Slean and Tim Edwards from Crash Parallel along for the journey. Watch
for the documentary to be aired on City TV on Saturday, June 12th at
8pm. The accompanying album will be released on Sony Music on June

Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Rose - Music Video details

Tomorrow the music video for The Rose will be shot in Toronto. CJ Wallis who is directing the video has published some of the details to the shoot on his site.

Some details include:

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Sarah on E.T. Canada Tomorrow

Sarah will be on Entertainment Tonight Canada tomorrow in promotion of CARE Canada. Sarah's visit to Rwanda for the Song for Africa project was put on by CARE. The news of this comes from Darcy Ataman's from SFA's Tweet.

CARE is currently promoting the film adaptation Half the Sky which has one night showing in Toronto tomorrow. Sarah will be attending and she has details of that event on her site.

Update 2010-3-04:
It was not on today's episode. Perhaps it will air on Friday's or on a later date.