Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sydnicated Slean News

Update Nov 13, 2006 - Short lived, the service hosting the translation of the home page to a sydnicated feed has shut down its free service for the time being. "They are working hard to overcome this". (Several Weeks)

Nov 11, 2006 post:
Last year littleslean offered its news service in a variety of sydnicated links. That is, when news s is published on you can automatically receive the posted message by Windows Live Messenger (MSN), Email, cell phone, Firefox, Live Journal, news readers, etc.

I have now sydnicated as a RSS feed.

The above services for viewing littleslean news can also be used with the Sarah Slean sydnicated link. You can now stay intune with what's new on Sarah's home page without having to constantly browse it. To avoid redundance news posted to may not always be repeated here, but you can always subscribe to both feeds.

The 5 most recent headlines from will also always be viewable in the sidebar of the littleslean news page. (Links back to are broken). The most recent posts to Sarah's blog is also viewable. The next step is to update the tour dates in a simular fashion.

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