Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sarah Slean & Damhnait Doyle's - Not for Sale (HD Video)

On June 14th, Sarah Slean returned to Canada AM in promotion of Rwanda Rises Up! Sarah and Damhnait Doyle performed the song written by Sarah, Not for Sale. The album is currently availble on iTunes

To view video in full HD, visit YouTube. There is a sync issue with the first half of the video.

This is the first video uploaded by littleslean.  The video is not searchable on YouTube but can be found through here and as posted to social media networks by Song for Africa.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Sarah Slean official site launched with BIG News

Sarah's new official site that we spotted being tested a few weeks ago has now welcomed visitors and offered some huge news in one short sentence:

Coming soon – digital scores for download, the digital release of indies and back catalogue world-wide, and more!

Sheet music has been desired by fans for many years.  A few years ago sheet music fans submitted their favourite songs to see included in a sheet music book to Sarah's site.  The book was never released but the demand shown and input of fans may be included in this release.  Most of Sarah's catalog is still available for sale through MapleMusic and online through the Canadian iTunes store.  It will be interesting to see what other releases they plan to put forward and exciting to see her digital catalog go on sale globally.

In another entry of news Sarah has an update on her new album and officially hints at the working album title, Land and Sea.  Land portion of the double album with Joel has been recorded.

Other news entries posted on the site confirm previous posts to littleslean like tonight's Song For Africa release party tonight and the Free Canada Day concert.

A widget has been added to littlelsean news side bar to show new posts to Sarah's new site.

Update 2010-06-18 :
 http://www.sarahslean.com/ has now been updated to with the format and content that was available on gtavegan.com

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Song for Africa - Premiere - Concert featuring Sarah Slean

Some of the details for the Song for Africa premiere event have now been announced. According to the concert listing on Now Magazine, the following is stated.

ADMISSION: $20 suggested donation
WHERE: Tattoo Rock Parlour, 567 Queen W, Toronto, M5V 2B6, 416-703-5488, tattoorockparlour.com
WHEN: Jun 17
TICKET INFO: 416-703-5488

Details for the premiere event in Calgary have still not been announced. I have not found any secondary confirmations of this line outside of the Song For Africa facebook page confirming the date.

Reminder that the film will be shown on City TV June 19th.

Beautiful Noise (TV - Brazil)

In 2008 Sarah Slean performed a filmed concert in Toronto's Berkley's Church. Bravo aired a 30 minute of the program under the title, The Berkley Sessions that featured a handful of the live songs.

This past Saturday Sun TV aired a 1 hour program of this concert under the title Beautiful Noise. The broadcast on SunTV was in high definition and featured all songs of the concert with the exception of No Place at All. Fortunately 'No Place at All' was one of the songs that had been shown in The Berkley Sessions broadcast on Bravo.

It appears that the full hour program may be airing in Brazil on June 8th. The guide information can be found here. Multishow also has it listed here.

For those in Canada who missed it. The one hour concert for the Berkley Session may be picked up on repeat again on Sun TV or CBC Bold.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Song for Africa - Album Track Listing

The track listing for Rwanda: Rises Up album is now out which features Sarah on a number of songs.
The full details can be found here.

Here’s the track list for the Rwanda: Rises Up! album:

“100 Bananas” — Steve Bays featuring Holy Jah Doves (co-wrote by Sarah Slean)
“Beautiful” — Tim Edwards featuring Holy Jah Doves (feat Sarah according to the single release)
“Komera” — Damhnait Doyle
“Not For Sale” — Sarah Slean
“Canada To Kigali” — Damhnait Doyle, Tim Edwards, Sarah Slean, Steve Bays and Grand Analog, featuring Rafiki, K8 and Miss Jojo
“Trying To Make It Work” — Classified with Mike Boyd and White Mic, featuring Itorero
“Land Of A Thousand Hills” — Ian D’Sa with Noble Blood
“Carry You” — Luke McMaster featuring Itorero
“We Stand” — Operation MD featuring Itorero
“Yearning (Instrumental)” — John-Angus MacDonald featuring Itorero
“Amazing Grace” — Damhnait Doyle, Tim Edwards, Sarah Slean and Steve Bays, featuring Queen Gaga And The Heaveners

Sarah Slean's on Canada AM, June 14th

Sarah Slean and Damhnait Doyle will be on Canada AM Monday June 14th according to a Tweet from Song for Africa. They are there in promotion for the film Rwanda: Rises Up. There is no indication if they will also be the musical guests.

The Song For Africa also drops some hints that musicians are lining up for the release events for Rwanda Rises Up in both Toronto and Calgary. Toronto's is on June 17th. I post if I find more details and any confirmation of Sarah playing.

Update 2010-06-11
Sarah Slean will be playing "Not for Sale" on Canada AM according to Esther Garnick PR

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Sarah's New Concerts with The Art of Time Ensemble

Sarah is set to cover the songs of Björk PJ Harvey, Kurt Weill, Jacques Brel, Cole Porter, Leonard Cohen and more in this year's Art of Time concert series, The Songbook 5. The songs will be arranged by Canadian musicians and Sarah will be joined by The Art of Time Ensemble.

This concert is May 24th and 25th 2011 and tickets are likely to sell out fast.

In 2007 Sarah played the second Songbook concert in the Art of Time's history. The group of Canadian covers was later played by the CBC, recorded as the album Black Flowers and would spur a tour.

Last fall Sarah was one of the artists to tribute The Beatles Abbey Road with the Art of Time Ensemble. That concert was also made available on demand by CBC and will have an encore performance. Sarah and the Art of Time Ensemble return to KoernerHall October 21, 2011.

Ticket and details for the concerts can be found on web site for The Art of Time Ensemble. These concerts have not been confirmed on Sarah's official site at the time of publishing.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Sarah to play Hugh's Room for Greenpeace

A few days prior to playing her Canada Day concert at Harboufront, Sarah will be one of the performers at a special concert at Hugh's Room on June 28th.  The concert starts at 8:30 with tickets being $22 advanced and $25 at door.

"Greenpeace Canada is proud to announce that Hugh's Room is the preferred venue for the Toronto release of Amchitka, the 1970 concert that launched Greenpeace, Margo and Michael Timmins, Sarah Slean, Barbara Lynch, Jory Nash and others, including special guests, will join host Mia Sheard, Monday, June 28, to celebrate this seminal concert by Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and Phil Ochs that raised funds to float the first Greenpeace mission to Amchitka. This beautifully remastered two-disc live CD recording with a 48-page booklet is available exclusively through Greenpeace at www.amchitka-concert.com and will be tabled at the show. 
All funds from the CD sales will go to Greenpeace.
Information taken from the Facebook event page and Hugh's Room official calender.  This appearance has not been confirmed on Sarah's official site at the time of publishing.

This event takes place on the Monday following the G-20 summit.