Wednesday, December 29, 2004 Contest! is two!

Yep, it's confirmed. This pretty little toddler was conceived about 3 and a half years ago and birthed over the holidays 2 years ago. To celebrate, I am running a contest, only available to the subscribers of the newsletter (so go sign up if you haven't yet!) The winner will receive a mini slean button that reads "I want to be brave" (and has a picture of a nightbug on it) as well as an unopened brand spanking new album of one of my favourite local Torontonian female musicians. Sorry, it's gonna be a surprise, but I will let you know that said musician features our very dear Kevin Fox playing the cello on this album.

Contest details:
Answer correctly all 5 of the questions below and tell me (in 150 words or less) what your favourite sarah slean song is and why. The winner will have his/her story featured in the next newsletter, and of course win my wonderful prize package.

But you better act fast. Contest ends Sunday, Jan 2, 2004 at noon (Vancouver time).

Oh! And for the questions (hint, all answers can be found somewhere on

1.) Which character from "Alice in Wonderland" did Sarah play when she was in grade 4?
2.) For what rock album did Sarah Slean and Damhnait Doyle collaborate vocals?
3.) Which previous back-up vocalist produced her own album with the help of Melanie Doane and her brother?
4.) In which horror flick was "Weight" played?
5.) Sarah Slean was featured on which daytime talk show in the past few months?

Submissions should be sent to or you can pm me on the message board.

Good luck all you little passioneers!


Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Governor General Awards - Reminder

Reminder, that Sarah playing at the Governor General Awards will brodcast Thursday at 8:00pm on the CBC. According to viewers of the SRC broadcast on the 26th, Sarah will play "The Score" accompanied by an orchestra. She plays approximately 40 minutes into the performance (8:40pm).

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Weathered Out?

Update December 29th. Sarah's management posted that Sarah was sick the morning off the Mix 99 concert and was unable to sing or attend. Full thread.

The Mix 99.9 Christmas show went on at 6-9:00am dispite being dosed with a heavy hit from winter. The Court House was packed with performances going off without a hitch and the addition of some of the boys from BNL. Sadly, pretty early in the show Sarah's name was dropped from their list of performers. In the end she couldn't make it to this show.

+ Tickets for the Hamilton Theatre show went on sale with Ticket Master this morning.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Governor General's Awards - Watch Dec 30th

Sarah was at the Governor General's Awards last month. It's being aired December 30th @ 8pm on CBC. The awards will all so be aired on December 26th @ 8pm on SRC. I'm not to sure about where the SRC brodcasts and what language it would be in.

"The Governor General's Performing Arts Awards Gala A glittering evening of
entertainment honours seven outstanding Canadian performers at the 13th annual
Governor General's Performing Arts Awards Gala, hosted by Gregory Charles. The
Gala, taped at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa in early November features
performances by Emmylou Harris, Jackie Richardson and her daughter Kim
Richardson, singer/songwriter Sarah Slean, The Drums of Arashi Daiko, George Gao on the erhu an ancient Chinese instrument accompanied by the National Arts
Centre Orchestra, sopranos Marie-Josée Lord and Lyne Fortin with baritone Gino
Quilico and Gregory Charles in a rousing finale with a 50-member choir. "

Source, YenC

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Have breakfast with Sarah Slean

December 23rd, 6 - 9 a.m. Courthouse Bar & Grill in Toronto
Tickets are by winning on the Mix only

contests imformation
- source: Sweet One

On Monday December 13th's Mix 99.9 morning show, around 7:30 am, tickets for the Christmas Party started to be won with a Humble & Freds "Christmas Idol" competition. Each morning callers can sing a Christmas song on air and at the end of the show one of them will advance to Friday's final competition. The idol (winner) from the Friday competition will get to sing at the Christmas party. The good news is that everyone who competed is invited to the party.

You don't need to sing to win tickets. The "Pull My Finger" contest on Mix 99.9 contestant all so was granted an invite to the Christmas party.

Now I believe the Mix99 will be doing a live brodcast from the downtown Real Canadian Superstore (Dufferin & Steeles) and between 10-2 this Saturday. If you drop off a new toy, they should grant you an invite to the Christmas show.
Promos for this are being aired every hour or so all day on the Mix99, it might get pretty crowded. They are really looking for new toys for the 13+ age as thier is a shortage.

Cameron Bay.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Black Widow!

For those Six Shooter Records fans out there... this news arrived in your inbox today too. For those of you that aren't, here's the scoop:

Martin Tielli in BLACK WIDOW

Our own Mr. Martin Tielli can now add a slash in his title by becoming
a musician/actor. Alongside Sarah Slean and Mary Margaret O'Hara, Martin stars in a movie about a woman (Slean) from Hamilton who, with the help of her mother (O'Hara), murders her husband (Tielli) and their baby.

Based on a true story, even! Sounds like a pretty sketchy story to me. The convenient thing about having a cast made up of musician/actors is that you can also wind up with a built in soundtrack, in this case produced by our own Michael Phillip Wojewoda. Martin has been getting into character by lurking around in a pair of black pajamas with pipe cleaner spider legs attached to them all week.


Wednesday, December 08, 2004

New Single - featuring K-os

When Another Midnight single

Sarah Slean's single When Another Midnight is exclusivly being sold on iTunes. It features K-os who sampled Sarah on his latest album, Joyful Rebellion.

For those with iTunes: Sarah's iTune page

Show reviews and pictures are being posted in the tours forum. Some nice shots from the Toronto Show. Tour News Sarah's merchandise is all being sold in the new Boutique section of her page.