Thursday, March 31, 2005

Sarah's Juno Weekend

Cathy Hendrix of Sarah's management posted Sarah's scheduale for this Juno weekend. Here is the post with additional links and information. All Canadian media has the potential to cover parts of the Awards so keep an eye out.

Saturday April 2
On Saturday night, Sarah will attend the Juno Gala Award Dinner & Awards event before joining Blue Rodeo for their album release party.

"The absolute must-attend after-party of Saturday night is being held at the Asper mansion... I'm introduced to Sarah Slean by a mutual friend. She looks absolutely beautiful, and she's quite charming and humble. I wish her luck for her nomination, and she says, "I'm hoping Ron Sexsmith wins... He really deserves it!" She invites us back to her hotel for drinks, but cooler heads prevail—it's late and tomorrow's going to be absolutely packed." - Jeff Hannaford,

Sunday April 3
11:15 am*Q 94 FM with Beau, Tom & Dez (live on air interview)
This is a telethon in conjunction with CARAS MusiCan program which funds schools in Manitoba can have access to a Music program & instruments.
Q 94 is streamed live online around the world, listen in here. They may have a webcam aswell.

Review: Sarah spoke about making Day One and that she hope Ron wins the song writter award. It appears that she had a good time last night and will be wearing a red dress that she picked up of the rack.

5:00 pm* – During this hour, Sarah will walk the Red Carpet and have a live on air interview with Tanya Kim & Ben Mulroney of E TALK DAILY.
Video clips are often uploaded to the Etalk website and the show normaly airs weeknight as 7:00 pm (10:30 CT). This weekend might have some unique air times.

7:00 pm* – Juno Award show begins, Sarah will be presenting the award for Songwriter of the Year within the first hour of the show.
Red Carpert Arrivals will be airred at this point mixed in with Desperate House Wives, a 90 minute special.

Review: Sarah, Ron Sexsmith, and the heritage minister of Canada, Liza Frulla, were interviewed by E Talk's Tanya on the Red Carpet. Both Ron and Sarah were "very much so" excited to being at the Junos. The short interview was on return from a commercail break during Desperate House Wives.

8:30 pm - The 2005 Juno Award show award begins now in HDTV and 5.1 surround sound.

Review: Burt Cummin, Haydain Neale of Jacksoul, and Sarah presented the songwriter award to Sarah's good friend Ron Sexsmith. During presenting Sarah spoke a few words about SOCAN and it's importance to the Canadian artists.

After presenting, Sarah will talk to Arissa Cox of Toronto One's “A List – This is an in-person interview in the ONE-ON-ONE room backstage at the Junos.
The show normally airs weekdays at 6:29 pm and 7:29 pm.

Monday April 4
Post show news to watch:
6:30 - 9:00 am - "Canada AM will stay in Winnipeg to bring viewers the highlights of the night - complete with backstage footage and reactions from the winners."

Review: Uploaded on the Juno/Sympatico website the backstage interview was shown. The audio from Sarah's mic was not being received so it's difficult to hear most the interview. Haydain Neale of Jacksoul joined Sarah for the last half of the interview before they made their way for some candy.

6:39 pm -A List interview done by Toronto One may be shown.

Review: On the Monday eppisode of the A-List a clip of Sarah arriving on the Red Carpet was shown on their highlights. To create some exciting scandle at the Junos the female host asked Sarah, "Want to make out?", she replied "yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" with a big grin.

7:00 pm - "Etalk Daily presents exclusive one-on-one interviews with the presenters, performers and winners just seconds after they step off the Juno stage and into the etalk / Pantene room."

Review: A clip of Sarah on the red carpet saying she had some whiskey to calm her nerves was quickly shown in their highlights. The highligh video is streamed online. During this eppisode they showed a couple of snap shots of Sarah and Hayden (jacksoul) in the Etalk photobooth making faces.

Wednesday April 6
4:30 pm - CBC's "rollin x" should be showing juno highlights and possible interviews.

*Some times may not be accurate due to different time zones being reported.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Sarah on Canada AM

Sarah and her band will be on Canada AM this Wednesday across the CTV network. The show airs at 6:30 am - 9:00 am, the exception being in the Atlantic where it airs 1 hour later.
source: Cathy

Review: Sarah played Mary while being bare foot and with the band.

Your_wish found this CTV interview which contained this new news:
"The prolific Slean then plans to tour in Europe in the summer, work on another record and is starring in a movie called "Black Widow," coming out later this year."

*Update: The video from that interview is now streaming on that site.

Another excellent interview done by Ryan Ince of Cord Magazine can be read here.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Jammin Downtown - March 26 & 27

Jammin Downtown with CBC Ottawa

The following four songs were airred according to Bluebell on @forums.
  • Lucky Me
  • Mary
  • Day One
  • Out in the Park

This just in...

In BC, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, it will be broadcast on Saturday, March 26th at 5pm. In Ottawa, it will run on Sunday, March 27th at 4pm.
As some of you may have noticed that the March 13 air date had changed. The revised time air date is March 27 at 4pm in Ottawa and Windsor. Nation-wide broadcast date is to be announced and likely in a few months.

CBC Ottawa's Studio 40 was "Jammin Downtown" on Friday, Jan. 14. During the course of the day, three separate concerts, featuring talented Canadian musicians, played to full houses in CBC's new downtown facility. Amanda Putz, host of Bandwidth, and Radio-Canada's Claude Naubert co-hosted the event, produced by Bill Stunt, AndrC) Massicotte and Adele Cardamone. The concerts provided live hits for Radio Two's Studio Sparks, as well as Ontario Today and All In A Day, Ottawa's No. 1 drive-home

The video taped evening concert marked the first-ever TV production in the new Ottawa broadcast centre. The show will air March 13 at 4 p.m. in Ottawa, and features Sarah Slean, singer/songwriter/pianist from Pickering, Ont.; Jim Bryson, singer/songwriter/guitarist from Ottawa; Maria Hawkins, "Ottawa's Blues Lady"; and singer Roxanne Potvin, one of the most promising new talents from the Ottawa area.

CBC's Ottawa Jammin info

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Juno Awards - April 3rd

Reminder that the Juno's will take place April 3rd. Sarah will be a presenter and Day One is up for 2 awards.

Other news is that Sarah and Jorane were in fact on the radio last weekend. Together they covered Joni Michille's, Both Sides Now. If anyone happened to get a recording of the show please contact us.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Sarah on StarTV - this week

-image credit, star tv

Hopefully this is not in regards to the week that just pasted. From the Star TV homepage:
Stephen Lobo serves up a spicy new series with Godiva‘s and the artsy Sarah Slean sings from her heart on her latest album, Day One.

It appears ths program name is "startv" and will be aired at 7:00am on Monday. They have made a 3 minute video availble which features an interview and live clips taken from her show at the Mod Club. This segment was airred on the City TV brodcast of "startv". A short Bio for Sarah has also been created.

Cameron Bay.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

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