Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Slean Concert on CBC this Saturday (& Last Saturday!)

edit: Feb 26 - It appears Sarah will not be part of today's show. Look for the later half the concert to air another day.

The first half of Sarah's concert on the main stage at this year's Hillside Festival was broadcasted on the CBC Radio One show DNTO last Saturday.

The broadcasted songs included: Lucky Me, Out in the Park, Day One and Mary. They played two more untitled tracks that were likely Vertigo and Your Wish.

The remainder of the concert will air this Saturday on DNTO at 4-4:30pm. The songs will likely include California, Pilgrim, When Another Midnight, Sweet Ones, and Wake Up.

Sarah found things to be a bit off that night playing on the outdoor main stage prior to Stars and The Arcade Fire (Soul Shine magazine). The following day Sarah recorded a workshop with Buck 65 for the CBC Radio Show Fuse. Air date is unknown for the broadcast of that show.

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Thanks to Erin who let me know what CBC show she heard this concert on.

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