Friday, January 27, 2006

Sarah included in CBC special on Canadian Music

CBC TV will be airring a special on Canadian music packed with interviews in a special 2 hour special this monday. The show, Shakin' All Over, starts at 8:00 and features archived footage and interviews including Sarah.

A soundtrack and DVD of the special are also in the works.

Read more from the Chart Magazine article. Thanks to Matthew for the heads up.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Sarah's on the Cover of Eye Weekly

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Nancy "Satine" was the first to notice that Sarah is on the cover of the free weekly, EYE. Sarah is interviewed at the Spin Gallery where her art show is to take place. Some new artwork that she did in Banf might make an appearance at the show. This year Sarah was voted Toronto's best musician in Eye's year end poll, the Spin Gallery was voted best small gallery.

Sarah might be featured on the biography channel sometime too.

Read the full article online and view a second picture.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Vote Slean - Top of the Pops

While elections are being held across Canada, Sarah is running for Top of the Pops in France.

Lucky Me is the single that is trying to take on the likes of Madonna and Shakira.

Watch the video and vote Slean.

Sarah on the Radio - Jan 27th

Oui Rock FM in France is having a session with Sarah Slean on January 27, 2006 according to their site. The station does interviews, album previews, and performances mostly in French. OuiFM is carried over satalite and webcasted in a variety of formats. You may have to disable pop up blockers and view the site in Explorer to access streams. Alternativly, these may work for your designated player:
real player,
quicktime/winamp, browser page - windows media player

  • Friday, January 27, 22:40 (France) - 4:40pm (Ontario)


Thanks to Andrea "flare" for the find.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Black Widow - Press

Black Widow airs this Thursday on the CBC at 8:00. With the lead up to it's television debut, Sarah has been interviewed in a varity of sources.

Saturday morning on CBC Radio 1's show DNTO they played Sarah's cover of the song Love for Sale. A plug was made for Black Widow before and after the airing.

Later that day Sarah's interview with StarTV about Black Widow was shown on City TV. The interview takes place in a busy art supply store as Sarah talks about her role in the movie and how she took to acting.

A couple of print interviews with Sarah talking about the movie have been posted on Sarah's Message board. Here is one from the Canadian Free Press.

On the Black Widow web site some quotes of Sarah's are available.

According to Sarah's last blog posting in Mcleans it appears that she did media work for Black Widow on the 14th of December, the day before her 2 Harbourfront concerts.

Tonight Etalk Daily also has a short promo for Black Widow.

Black Widow's airring on the CBC was shown start to finish commercial free. Reviews of the film seemed to indicate that people enjoyed the 3 songs of Sarah. Reaction to the film was a bit mixed by fans.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Photo Contest on Forum

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Sarah Slean - Age 5 - archives.

Want to see Sarah play with the Blue Spruce Quartet for her art show openning?

Just announced on her forum is a photo contest to win your way into the invite only gala.

"You could win two tickets to the invite only viewing and performance with the Blue Spruce Quartet, February 3rd, 6:00 - 8:30.
The two winners will each be given a pair of these invitation only tickets.
To win, we want to see your best live Sarah Slean photo.
Just post your photo here and winners will be announced on January 26.
This contest is only open to registered members."
If your a board memeber of the forum, enter the contest here.

Paris Concert Date - January 24 2006

A concert date in Paris has been announced on the venue's site for:

The website contains a link for ticket information as well as venue photos. This date has not been confirmed on Sarah's offical web site. If you're in the region, a phone number is listed that may be able to confirm things further.

Update, Jan 11, 2006
Another site has this concert listed with a write up in French.
link. Another site that lists this concert seems to indicate that she is playing with a Beatles cover act?

Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Promo Pictures from Paris

Sarah Slean portrait by Robert Gil
- Portrait by Robert Gil

New portrait photographs of Sarah were taken by photographer Robert Gil in Paris. She is wearing the wrapped dress that she had worn two days earlier at her last show in Toronto. I believe the dress was made by a friend of hers.