Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sarah on Bravo, Arts & Minds

An interview with Sarah will be on Bravo's, Arts & Minds tonight.

March 25 at 8 p.m. ET – ARTS & MINDS – Hosted by Seamus O’Regan, the special half-hour will feature Interviews and performances from Canada’s top talent: Molly Johnson, James Ehnes, Elizabeth Sheppard, Divine Brown, Don Thompson, Serena Ryder, Daniel Lanois, Ron Sexsmith, Sarah Slean, Elysabeth Sheppard and kd lang.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sarah photographed by Caitlin Cronenberg

Caitlin Cronenberg has shot Sarah Slean as part of her upcoming project with designer Rosemarie Umetsu. The 30x40 black and white photograph is under the project Iconic Beauty II.

This information comes care of She Does the City that had a sneak peek. For the full article, visit here.

As we near the Juno's this weekend, it would be a surprise if Sarah was asked about her fashion.

Update 2009-05-05
According to this Globe and Mail article, The Iconic Beauty 2009 show runs until May 31 at Atelier Rosemarie Umetsu, 96 Avenue Rd., Toronto, 416-924-7575,

Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Music Video in the Works + More

CJ Wallis who directed the film Last Flowers with Sarah Slean is slated to direct her next music. No word yet about what song will be getting the music video treatment. I will let you know if I find the track or any news of a follow up single to Get Home.

Earlier this month additional photographs from Last Flowers filming were uploaded to flickr. As the film is a short, some of them are slight spoilers. Some exclusive news on the film will be appearing here shortly.

Link to both the announcement of the video and the flickr photos can be found here.

A real nice treat is an almost 20 minute long behind the scenes video of Last Flowers. The behind the scenes is smartly edited and runs almost the same time as the film. Some light spoilers.

The Details of Sarah Going Indie

On February 17th issue of Sarah official mailing list, she announced that she was going independent again and be "the master of my(her) own destiny."

Dose magazine had the chance to speak with Sarah about her being an independent artist during the tail end of Canadian Music Week before Sarah presented at the March 13th Canadian Radio Music Awards.

The full article, Sarah Slean Goes Indie, written by Leah Collins and published today is a great. There are a few points of it I would like to highlight.

"The Baroness Redecorates, was released last December, marking the end of her stint as a major-label artist."
I presume any re-releases or other distribution options of the EP may still be done by Warner. The Baroness (album) is currently still being promoted in Germany.

"I couldn't just record this song with so and so. It would be this big nightmare because they own your recorded output. I couldn't just make a short film with my animator friend because the music and the name and everything was partially owned," she explains.
The film referred to here is Tales of the Baroness done with Nelson Chan. The first part of the film was shown on TV and an advertised sale of DVD was offered but never delivered on. On the October 20, 2008 Q and A session when Sarah was asked about it's release on DVD she responded, "That I don't know. Maybe when we have more visual material we'll put together a proper DVD and that can be a bonus track...".
Other projects Sarah has mentioned that she is working on are, a film for Modern Man, Boy Wonder the play and the release of her sheet music.

New(er) Portrait Pictures

Earlier this month a portrait of Sarah was taken by Tanja-Tiziana Burdi for Canada Reads. The stunning portrait can be viewed here.

Other photos taken by Tanja during Canada reads were uploaded to flickr by CBC.

This photograph was recently put online. The photograph was used for the Eye Weekly cover in 2006 when Sarah was voted Toronto's best.

In February of this year Sarah's profile was added to the Yamaha Canada Music page. The photo used was a gif converted image of the promo photos used for The Baroness. At Sarah's 2007 Christmas show Yamaha Canada had a profile photo of Sarah staged in the Harbourfront lobby.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sarah to Tribute Neil Young @ Massey Hall

On June 10th Sarah joins a strong line up of artists set to tribute Neil Young at the historic Massey Hall concert venue in Toronto.

Ticket's go on sale to 'friends' on March 13th here:,6

Tickets go on sale to the public in April.

Sarah's name has yet to be confirmed on her site or the event page at the time of publishing but her name has been shown in other press releases.

The article below is from yesterday's Toronto Star:
The event, which will recreate Young's legendary 1971 Toronto concert, will feature 18 songs and up to 18 bands, with a star-studded lineup including Holly Cole, Steven Page, the Cowboy Junkies, Jason Collett from Broken Social Scene and Sarah Slean. The list of performers also includes the Bill Frisell Trio, Issa (formerly Jane Siberry), Stevie Jackson, Colin Linden, Harry Manx, Danny Michel, Carole Pope and Roxanne Potvin.

Organizers say that Neil Young has been invited to the concert, and are hopeful he'll come.

Playing Massey Hall is somethhing Sarah admited to looking forward to in her Q&A session last fall. (pt.2 q.2)

Monday, March 02, 2009

Sarah an 'Immovable Force', Canada Reads (Audio and Video)

It's the week of Canada Reads and if you missed day one on the radio, it's really easy to follow on CBC Canada Reads site. They are doing a daily podcast of the debates that you can stream from their site plus more. Aside from all the text on the CBC page, Sarah has some interesting words in her journal under "Shut up about the Book Already".

CBC has put these 2 videos on YouTube today, the Pre-Debate and the Post-Debate (embedded below)

If your interested in buying the book Sarah is supporting, Mercy Among the Children, a few links can be found here.