Sunday, December 16, 2007

New: Song to download, site, mailing list, promo pics, and more.

Lots of news has recently generated regards to Sarah Slean and more updates and stories will be forth coming.

Sarah Slean website has gone through another slick overhaul (edit). The new site uses Edwin Tse's photography that we had noted in April. That post has been updated to note 3 more promo photos that have now surfaced and respective links.

At this time, some pages have been removed on the official page such as Sarah's vitamins (recommended arts), her blog entries, lyrics, and fan pictures. These changes have also disabled the syndicated links used on the side of this news page.

With the launch of the new site, Sarah has made available a demo version of her new song Get Home. She recently described the song as being regards to another relationship gone sour which the lyrics are rather clear about. To hear the song join her new mail list and receive an mp3 link or head over her to her myspace page to stream it.

The launch date for the new album has also been confirmed for March 2008. I have updated the post to Everything Currently Known on the New Album to reflect 5 additional song titles, the record producer, and tracks that have been showcased.