Friday, March 10, 2006

Sarah - Photograph submited to the Spin Gallery

*update posted below*
Sarah has donated a photo that is on display currently at the Spin Gallery and to be auctioned of in support of the Aids Committee of Toronto.

Quote from the Spin Gallery:
SNAP Live Auction 2006
Preview at SPIN GALLERY on Thursday 9th from 6-9pm

Preview continues to public on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th open from 12pm to 6pm. Live auction will be held at the brand new National Ballet of Canada (N.B.C).

Curatorial Team :

Maryann Camillery
Juno Youn
David Trevor
Jody Daye
Kelly McCray

Including 9 artists from our gallery :

Kenny Alvin Baird
Bruno Billio
Manuel Bujold
Patrick DeCoste
Nitin Dilawri
Andy Fabo
James Mejia
Sarah Slean
George Whiteside

for further information click on web site :

Update (March 11, 06)
Since1999 on the forum was able provide this update:
Sarah couldn't get her photo/print in on time for the live auction, which as stated above has a preview at Spin until auction night on Sunday... so for those looking online or planning on visiting Spin just to see Sarah's work, it unfortunately won't be there.

I think she's planning on doing an online auction once she submits it though, as her name is still a part of the advertising/promotion and that way her work can still contribute to the charity foundation at a later date.

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