Monday, November 29, 2010

Sarah and Royal playing CBC's Sounds of the Season (radio)

Sarah Slean and Royal Wood are both part of this year's CBC's Sounds of the Season this Friday December 3rd.  The tapping takes place at 12:30 - 1:00 PM  for the CBC radio show titled Drive hosted by Buck 65.

A full list of performers, schedule and donor information can be found here.  CBC does stream their content international online and may have the program available via a podcast (mp3) at a later date.

Update: 2010-12-03
In a few minutes, 3:30 CBC Radio Drive will start to air on the CBC and end at 7:00.  I was able to attend the half hour taping today and it's worth staying in for.  By the way the piece went, it seems that they will keep this part as one segment.  If you catch this post a bit later, you can try time shifting online or record it on a PVR.

Sound's of the Season is CBC fund raiser for the Daily Bread Food Bank.  Your contribution to it could be included in this year's Passioneer Holiday Project.

Spoiler Alert....

Sarah played the following songs.
The debut of her Beauty Live's b-side, The Right Words.  The song is beautiful and it reminded me on that first listen to Looking for Someone.
Sarah and Royal Wood then joined each other for a rendition of Baby, It's Cold Outside.  They have done this song together at the annual holiday concert and this time the lyrics stayed in hand for a great performance.
Sarah closed off the show with a tradional cover on the piano of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sarah plays @ Cavalcade of Lights 2010

Sarah is playing the 2010 Cavalcade of Lights opening celebration at Natahan Phillips Square on Saturday November 27th. The free concert starts at 8:00pm and also features performances by Shawn Desman and Divine Brown.

In 2007 Sarah played this event playing What Child Is This? (Available on Women and Songs Christmas album) and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. She also took part in a group number for Walking in a Winter Wonderland.  Other songs that Sarah has played in recent years at her holiday concerts include Silent Night and Baby, It's Cold Outside.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Holiday Shows and Beauty Lives album on Sale Now!

Within this hour Sarah tweeted with regards to announcing this year's Holiday Shows and the B-Side albums on sale in various packages.

Before reading on, it might be best to order your ticket package as seats are on a first come first serve basis and limited edition  B-side albums only have a quantity of 50 available online.  Click here to order.

The B-Side album titled, Beauty Lives, track listing are:

  • I Do
  • Sadie
  • Count Me Out
  • Everything By the Gallon
  • Closer
  • Glenn Gould Song
  • Hooligans
  • Ogoni Star
  • The Right Words
  • My Song

The biggest surprise is seeing The Right Words make the list.  This song title has only been known through littleslean from this set list I collected.  Rockstar and Oh Man! are two songs that might have been close to making it but don't really seem to fit into this album that Sarah has described on twitter as sounding "a bit sad and a bit show-tune, scary-intimate and *very* dark."

I have not been able to see these concerts listed on Harbourfront or any other ticketing sites as yet but they may wait for the ticketed packages to sell out first.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

JUNO Sole: Sarah's shoes at the Beta Shoe Musuem (Update)

As part of an event celebrating 40 years of the Juno's, Sarah Slean's shoes have been included at the Juno Sole exhibit  The one of kind shoes are on display for until the end of the month and is free with admission to the Beta Shoe Museum. Sarah attended the opening event in a stunning black dress designed by Lauren Bagliore (pictures) . Other guests in attendance were Fred Penner, July Black, and Hawksley Workman. Penner had attended one of Sarah's concerts in 2005, Black was special guest performer at last year's holiday show and Workman ties to Sarah include producing her album Night Bugs.

BlogTO mentions that the exhibit also includes videos and sounds from past Juno's.  Over the years Sarah has been nominated 3 times for Juno awards and has taken part in many events surrounding the show.

Another Juno event to keep an eye out are the Juno Decade shows scheduled at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto. No indications that Sarah is playing them but on March 5th there is MapleMusic and Pheremone Records (Black Flowers) show.  As those concert dates come closer many of the participating artists names are mentioned and we will let you know if Sarah's name ever comes up.

Update 2010-12-24:
Fashion Television interviewed Sarah and showed a picture of the shoes she wore at the 2009 Junos.


Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The 2010 Passioneer Holiday Project

The 2010 Passioneer Holiday Project has now started.

The dates for this year's holiday concerts have not been officially announced as yet, but it was pointed out in the last official mailing list post that they will be taking place. Sarah is treating her fans this year with a B-side album and the Passioneer Holdiay Card is one way for fans to return a thank you back to her and do something good for others.

All the information on how to participate is posted on Facebook here. You can 'Like' the page below to help spread the word and RSVP on the event page for reminders. This fan-run project is now in its sixth year. Many thanks to those who have contributed over those years and to Yen for taking the photos used in the above collage.

A brief version of the details are:
You can be a part of the Passioneer Holiday Project by donating time, goods or money to a local or international charity, or by helping out a friend, neighbour or stranger.
Once you've participated, please send your information to by December 11th.

What we need to see is:

- your name
- your screen name
- your city
- how you participated

All of this information will be compiled in a card which will then be given to Sarah after her annual holiday concerts in Toronto.