Monday, January 16, 2006

Black Widow - Press

Black Widow airs this Thursday on the CBC at 8:00. With the lead up to it's television debut, Sarah has been interviewed in a varity of sources.

Saturday morning on CBC Radio 1's show DNTO they played Sarah's cover of the song Love for Sale. A plug was made for Black Widow before and after the airing.

Later that day Sarah's interview with StarTV about Black Widow was shown on City TV. The interview takes place in a busy art supply store as Sarah talks about her role in the movie and how she took to acting.

A couple of print interviews with Sarah talking about the movie have been posted on Sarah's Message board. Here is one from the Canadian Free Press.

On the Black Widow web site some quotes of Sarah's are available.

According to Sarah's last blog posting in Mcleans it appears that she did media work for Black Widow on the 14th of December, the day before her 2 Harbourfront concerts.

Tonight Etalk Daily also has a short promo for Black Widow.

Black Widow's airring on the CBC was shown start to finish commercial free. Reviews of the film seemed to indicate that people enjoyed the 3 songs of Sarah. Reaction to the film was a bit mixed by fans.

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