Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sarah Slean Rootstock concert Online (audio)

CBC has now put up their recording of Sarah Slean, Joel Plaskett, Steven Page and Hawksley Workmen from their Rootstock concert. The show was recorded one month ago. According to post on Twitter, Sarah and Joel are currently in the studio this week following Sarah's marathon this weekend. Sarah is very familiar with the other artists sharing the stage with her. Hawksley Workman produced her album Night Bugs. Sarah and Steven Page will be doing an encore of their Art of Time Ensemble tribute to the Beatles Abbey Road album on October 21st.

You can play the entire show or pick individual songs here:

A mp3 of the show will likely also be made available from CBC Radio 2 podcast.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Baroness Redecorates - CD on Sale Again

It appears that the previously sold out EP for The Baroness Redecorates is currently for sale online at sarahslean.com.

The limited edition EP sold out in less then a day and extended sale on a restock also sold out just as rapidly back in December of 2008.  Since then, the only way to get a physical copy of the EP was at one of Sarah's concerts.

You can find a link to purchase it through their store that is connected with Maple Music.  There is no "Buy Now" link on her site when viewing the album details unlike all her other albums.  If you want to add this album to your collection, it is best to act quickly as the quantity is likely limited.

Hopefully with this EP available the music video for the song The Rose that is featured on this album will be soon to follow.

The only album they appear not to be selling is Sarah's self titled EP which can be found on other sites.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

2 New Concerts - Global Cabaret Festival in Toronto

Sarah is returning back to the Global Cabaret festival this year after playing the festival in 2008.

Tickets for the Friday October 1st and Saturday October 2nd concerts are currently availble here:


It does not appear that Sarah is currently schedualed to play any of the festival workshops at this year's festival. The Saturday's concert falls on the same day as the dusk to dawn city wide arts festival Nuit Blanche.