Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rwanda Rises Up (Video, 8:42)

An 8 minute segment from Rwanda Rises Up was posted online today. The video depicts many of the scenes Sarah expressed in her journal.

Sarah hums a mournful tune with Damhnait Doyle to many of tragic and sad scenes. Short interview pieces with all the artists are stitched in through the documentary.

The televised airing of the full film has been changed to 8:00, June 19th on CityTV with the album following on the 22nd. A premiere event in Toronto is on the 17th to which I do not currently have further information on.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Website - Updated again

As previously posted, Sarah's new website is currently being tested out.  Since last night a it has gone through another overhaul.  The split screen style has been removed among many other layout changes.  The site is more easy to navigate and the changes do leave more space for the content.  I do miss some those great new graphics being hidden but it is nice having the 'news page' as the home page and their is the the nice 'most recent' widget.

The names of Sarah's artwork is contained in the file name for anyone curious to know the title of any of the pieces.

Take a look @

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Free Concert - Canada Day @ Harbourfront, Toronto

Sarah Slean will be playing this year's free Canada Day concert at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto on July 1st.  Sarah's last public concert was this holiday at Harbourfront.  In recent years, Harboufront has had acts like Owen Pallet and Feist play their Canada Day concerts.

The Sadies will follow Sarah's set this year.  A full list of the day's activities and details can be found on the Harbourfront site.  This free event at the time of publishing has not been confirmed on Sarah's official site.  A event page has also been dedicated to this concert.

Thanks to Neal for tweeting about this one.

Monday, May 10, 2010

New: Official Site, Art Work and Album from Sarah Slean!

A beta version of Sarah Slean's new official website has gone online. Still in its testing mode, it is a great glimpse into what we can expect from Sarah in the very near future.

The Web Site;
Most notable difference in the update is the simplified menu and the creative reworking of some Sarah's promotional photos taken for the Baroness. A new stylized font for Sarah's name sits top centre of the site and appears that might be a new logo/branding. Hard to say if domain name will continue to host the site or if it will be ported over to As the site is in test stage all data on that site should be considered temporary.

What might be most exciting is the new content...

New Artwork
This year's holiday shows in Toronto featured new sets of art prints for sale. These images have not been seen since that show but have been added to the new site's art gallery. Information like the art work title and other details have not been included but it one of the biggest updates to her art work collection since Ravens (2005). The new online store is being run through Maple Music does not have these items for sale at this time but this year's holiday shows sold these lithographs in various sizes.

New Album
The final paragraph of Sarah's new biography is a wealth of information.
Slean envisions a double-album - two different producers, two different approaches. Also twice the work, the budget, and the songs, but Slean isn't skittish. Not even after parting ways with Warner Canada in February. Rumour has it that her co-conspirators may be beloved Canadian songwriter Joel Plaskett, film composer Jonathan Goldmsith, a symphony orchestra and a drummer classified as "clunky funky", among others. Slean expects to commence recording in May.
It was previously confirmed that Joel Plaskett would be working on Sarah's new album. This is the first public confirmation stating that she would like double album and Jonathan Goldsmith's commitment to it. Jonathan arranged Martin Tiellie's I'll Never Tear You Apart that Sarah recorded on for Black Flowers with the Art of Time Ensemble.

There are many other observations that can be made about the new site design and you're welcome to share your thoughts in the comments. Sarah's official site was asking for suggestions on the overhaul to be emailed to For those that have not been by littleslean, it has also gone through an recent update and is continuing to grow.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Song For Africa: Video Intro

A first look at the intro for Song For Africa, Rwanda Rises Up that features Sarah Slean.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Beautiful featuring Sarah on iTunes

The Song for Africa track that Sarah recorded on in Africa is available currently on iTunes.

The song information is:
Beautiful (feat. Holy Jadoves) - Single by Timothy Edwards

iTunes link to the song can be found here: