Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sarah Slean Played New Songs on CBC

Sarah Slean's interview and live performance from earlier this week was aired today on CBC Radio 1.  Half of the 1 hour show was dedicated to Sarah combing interviews and music from the new album.  The 3 news songs played live by Sarah where done solo on a baby grand piano.

Unfortunately it does appear that this show is podcasted or will repeat but I hope some of the littleslean twitter followers got the live tweet reminders.

  • Sarah spoke fondly of her 10 great years with Warner.  
  • The origins of her family piano where revealed as belonging to an aunt who deceased died in her mid 40s.  Sarah wouldn't share the name she had given the piano.
  • She came back to the "woosh" factor just like in in the Harbourfront interview.


  1. Life (Album recording)
  2. Attention Archers (live)
  3. The Day We Saved the World (live)
  4. Your not Alone (live)


ThrnMzz5 said...

just heard the most beautiful song on CBC radio! "The Right Words".  Thank you!!!

Sarah Slean News said...

Thanks for commenting.  They didn't play The Right Words in the above CBC special but good to hear that CBC played it now.  That is currently my favourite song of her's and an arrangement with the orchestra will be on her new album Land & Sea.  A stripped back version of the song is on her album Beauty Lives.  Sarah first played that song publicly on CBC's Sounds of the Season last year.

Curious George said...

Deceased can be used as a noun or an adjective, not as a verb.