Thursday, September 22, 2011

Composer's Edition for Land & Sea

This Tuesday Sarah's new double album will released.  Her store continues to sell some unique pre-orders, one which is a composer's edition.  If you can you play the  violin, viola, cello, or double bass this might be the set for you.

More details on the composer edition was posted on Sarah's facebook page in response to a question for further details.  Here is the response for those that may have missed it.
It will be the full orchestral score of either The Right Words or Napoleon - 5-7 pages long (respectively) - showing the first and second violin, viola, cello, double bass, and vocal parts - with lyrics (no piano). This is what the conductor reads as he is conducting. It has all the dynamics, technical notes, articulations, etc. Both of these (The Right Words and Napoleon) were my scores, so you can see exactly what I composed - down to the very last detail. They will be printed on card stock and professionally taped, accordion style - so that the conductor can open it up and lay it flat on the conductor's podium. They look rather beautiful, in my view.
The composer edition is being sold with a set of lithographs from 2009 and only sold previously at that year's holiday show.  One of the bundles have been sold out but a second set with different images and perhaps representing a different score is still for sale in her store.  The lithographs are available in Sarah's gallery.

If you are getting the companion edition and have inspiration to play it, leave a comment her or on twitter.  Perhaps a fan collaboration can be put together among like minded artists.


Lunapuella said...

I'm disappointed that there is no piano on the score. Wish that was made clearer in the webshop; I wanted to use the score for my singing classes, where we are accompanied by piano. IMO, a piano score would have been far more useful for many fans as well. How many of us can play the viola or double bass?

Cameron said...

On the positive side it shows the vocal parts.  The scores sounds just as much art as they are for function.  Maybe this will push someone to pick up one of those instruments.  I agree that piano sheet music would be more useful to most her fans and more so they may want it for Sweet Ones.  I guess that still may have to wait another day.