Friday, September 02, 2011

Sarah Slean on eTalk: Album, Relationship, Interviews (Video)

On August 15th Sarah Slean was on eTalk.  The segment showed tape from the recording of the Sea side of the album.  The entertainment show went into the personal side of things mentioning Sarah's marriage with fellow musician Royal Wood.  Sarah also talks about her plan for touring the album distinctly but those plans seem to have since transformed.  For those who follow littleslean on twitter, you may have noticed a RT for an upcoming concert in Winnipeg.  Will make a new post as further tour details come up.

View the unlisted video below.

A second interview concerning Land & Sea was done with Harbourfront and Sarah Slean.  It can be read over here.

On Day 2 of the Pre-Order some items have sold out like the Limited Edition hand made versions of Land & Sea.


Theater Boi01 said...

Thanks, was lovely to see, seems to cut off when Sarah's at the piano.  Had no idea who she was married to before this, not that it matters as I'm a fan of the music not her social life. LOL  Thanks for posting!

Cameron said...

Your welcome.  I have tried to avoid the personal aspects of Sarah's life and cover pretty much everything else over here.  With this video there was no way getting around that relationship.  People searching for their names and marriage has consistently been in the 10 search referrals to this site despite never mentioning it.  With that, the Get Home video is back on YouTube and it's worth watching again.