Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Land & Sea - Out Now with iTunes Deluxe Package

Land & Sea has officially been released today. The standard CD comes in a double digi pack with themes representing both "Land" and "Sea." The booklet contains lyrics to all 18 songs and full credits including each member of the 21 piece orchestra. Familiar names from Sarah's band supporting The Baroness that repeat here are Mark Mariash (drums), Chris Banks (bass), Dean Drouilard (guitar) and Royal Wood (guitar/organ/bass).

50 - hand painted editions by Sarah where also sold-out during the pre-order stage that we have yet to see.

No photos additional information is yet available on the vinyl edition, a first for Sarah.

According to Sarah's twitter and facebook the world wide iTunes release is set for early October and will include a digital booklet as did The Baroness when it was released. Other online music retailers like Amazon listed yesterday may have it available for the 27th.

iTunes (Canada) currently has deluxe edition available for sale right now selling instrumental versions of all 9 songs on Sea. It's not clear if those will be available anywhere else or made international at some point.

I will be staying on top of the press to promote the album and will be providing summaries and links.


Karine said...

I'll get it tomorrow, I can't wait!!! :)
For those who want to hear it before buying it (or who can't buy it now), the album is available in streaming on Deezer:

Theater Boi01 said...

Thanks Karine, unfortunately Deezer isn't available to US fans yet. 

Karine said...

I'm sorry for that! I'm Canadian, actually living in France, so that's probably why I can hear it there. :)

Cameron B said...

Hi Karine, hope you were able to get yourself the album.  I wanted to let you know that Sarah is coming to Paris at the end of May.  News is on her site and tour page.  http://sarahslean.com

Imaginecontinua said...

Very nice!!!!