Saturday, September 19, 2009

New ways to follow littleslean

A few updates have been made to make following littleslean even easier.
  1. An email subscription form has been added on the site for another way you can subscribe to littleslean news and get the more traditional email notifications. Subscribe to News by Email.

  2. The second change is that I have created a twitter account to mirror new posts made to littleslean. A widget is doing the work so you may not see any different content from what you already see on here.

There continues to be a host of other syndication options that remain available taking use of the sites RSS feed.

Lastly, reminder that there is just 1 more day left for the online screening of Last Flowers through littleslean.

Thank you to the over 50,000 people that have visited the site, continue to read and contribute. Improvements will continue to be fourth coming.

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