Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dancing to The Disarm Suite - Jan 29/30

Lucy Rupert will be choreographing to Sarah Slean's music again. We have previously mentioned Lucy as she had danced to Sarah's poem, the Abecedarian and as the choreographer for the music video of The Rose.

At the end of January a new choreographed piece will be shown.

I have been able to confirm that the composed song for this performance will be a recording of The Disarm Suite from The Baroness Redecorates. A new compostion by Sarah is in the works for a dance at a later date.

Jan. 29 – Jan 30, 2010
Blue Ceiling Dance - The Sneak
in association
with Rebecca Carney
& Caroline Niklas-Gordon

Lucy Rupert, Rebecca Carney, Caroline Niklas-Gordon
Performers: Rebecca
Carney, Caroline Niklas-Gordon, Lucy Rupert
Composer: Sarah Slean

A sleek, minimalist production of new dance-theatre works by three of Toronto’s
most accomplished indie artists. Rebecca Carney offers two short works drawing
on her vast experience with the extraordinarily inventive Circus Orange;
Caroline Niklas-Gordon delves into the abyss of human emotion with A-VOID: a
solo; and Lucy Rupert collaborates with lauded Juno-nominated singer-songwriter
Sarah Slean on square inch, a solo that draws on Rupert’s passionate
expressivity and Slean’s lush orchestration for string quartet and piano.

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