Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sarah at the Rivoli - Review and Film News

Today marked the premiere of CitySonic's film of 'Sarah Slean at the Rivoli.' The free screening at a busy Dundas Square was mostly focused on Sarah and ironically didn't spend a great time on the Rivoli. She is interviewed around the Royal Conservatory and spoke about her time in school playing classical music. It spoke about her ambitions to play at the Rivoli as so many artists she admired played there and it was a place to learn how to play to a live crowd. There wasn't any mention to any of her past concerts dates there or bands she took in seeing there.

It was a well done interview and did come out quite beautifully. The music of California was played near the start and one of the most impressive visual scenes were animations of some of Sarah's paintings done to the music of Get Home. The art work came to life in a way that far different from the flash animation style used by Nelson Chan in the Tales of The Baroness, Day One and Mary.

If you missed it at TIFF, the film will likely see its way online by CitySonic in the near future. They have frequently been puting up episodes in this series to YouTube.

Earlier during the festival, The Translator was shown during the festival that features a cameo appearance by Sarah. The brief scene at the start of the film credits her as 'The French Speaking Girl". This film is currently available free to view at the Fim Festival site here.

Lastly, more exciting news is to follow regarding C. J. Wallis's film, Last Flowers. Stay tuned as a review and for a special announcement to littleslean readers.

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Assuming it was 5 minutes long in total, The City Sonic film is on under Media> Audio/Visual