Sunday, October 02, 2005

Get littleslean news, on MSN Messenger, Email, & more

It's now eazier then ever to get updates on littleslean news:
  • Within minutes of a littleslean news update being made, you can be alerted through a MSN Alert. They allow you to choose to be notified on MSN Messenger, email, cell phone, or PDA device. Take a look at your delivery options when you sign up. It should work with the current MSN versions, the tab for MSN alerts may need to be turned on. Ads may be present when viewing the littleslean news site this way, none are up yet.
  • RSS/Atom sydnication - Using the Feed button, you can drop the sydnicated link into an news reader. Sydnication is becoming a popular service with web pages so with a news reader you can stay uptodate seeing the headlines/summaries from multiple sites. ie, google news, flickr, blogs, etc.
To get these features, see "Site Sydnication" on the right side of the page and click on the buttons.

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