Friday, November 04, 2011

Land & Sea Tour - 3 Days Deep

The Land & Sea tour kicked off in London ON this week with dates that followed in Peterborough and Hamilton.  Positive reviews have come in so far from each night for the concerts and over the VIP pre-show meet and greets.  There has been a surge of press the last few days that can be found with a quick google news search or via Twitter.  I will post the highlights and for those following Sarah on facebook they have been getting steady updates.

The band members for this tour are,
Lyle, Paul and Derek Downham.  She's also been joined by songwriter Karen Kosowski who been providing back up vocals and shared duties on the keys.

The opening show in London had the following set list provided by user 'nevermind' and full review can be found in Canadian Interviews.

Everybody's on TV
Set It Free
I am a Light
Notes from the Underground
The Day We Saved the World


Everything by the Gallon
My Eyes & Your Eyes
New Pair of Eyes
Girls Hating Girls
Get Home
Sweet Ones
Society Song
Sound of Water

Attention Archers

Euphoria was played as a request so it might pop out of the set list.  The show in Hamilton featured Sarah playing The Right Words.

For those interested in collecting set list and show reviews, the heavily ad supported site SetListFM has been having shows updated and it has some neat tools. that shows most of Sarah's current concert listing also supports show reviews and set lists.

Here is video that Sarah did with City News yesterday to promote this Saturday's concert in Toronto at The Winter Garden Theatre.

Aside from the concerts and press, Sarah played an early show at PCVS (Peterborough Collegiate and Vocational  School).  The school is currently facing closure for re-purposing.


edmonton said...

Hi, I just wanted to provide an update for the Edmonton show.  She sang everything in the setlist above except for "Sweet Ones" and there were a lot of extras.  The order was also a little different.  For example, she sang Get Home after My Eyes and Your Eyes.  She did sing The Right Words and Euphoria was also there.  The second last song before the encore was a really great version of California with the whole band.  It was so different from the album version and it was a lot of fun.  When Another Midnight was also in the set list.  I can't remember if it was in the first or second part though... I think it was the second  - I should have written it down after the show :)  Also, there was no intermission.  The whole show played through in its entirety.

The first song for the encore was Count Me Out, which was fantastic.  Amen closed the show.  Overall, is was a great night.  21 songs!!

Cameron said...

Thank you kind stranger for that set list.  That show sounds fantastic!! You have inspired me to put out another tour update.  Not too many shows left in this tour that wraps up December 8th