Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Art Show in Toronto This Thursday

Sarah is one of three artists to have her work featured at The Fly on The Wall art exhibit this Thursday at Gallery 360 in Toronto.  The other two featured visual artists are Doug Brown and Steven Papadopoulos.

They describe Gallery 360 at the following:

Housed in the offices of the entertainment law firm of Taylor Mitsopulos Klein Oballa, Gallery 360 is a private gallery exhibiting some of the world’s new and most adventurous visual art. Booking by appointment only.

Their website also inidcates RSVP are due today, the 21st.  Aside from Thursday party, I'm uncertain at the time of publishing if Sarah's work will at this galley will be open to the public.  The night before the event Sarah will wrap up her tour dates out West with a concert in Vancouver and then be heading back East.

For more information, visit Gallery360 web site.

Sarah's last known major art show was called Bleak House and came in 2006 at Spin Gallery in Toronto with Louise Upperton.  Her art work has continued since with new pieces being shown on her site.  Lithographs of some her selections are sold on her site and at her concerts.  What appears to be her lastest art work since the 100 hand painted limited edition copies of Land & Sea is the piano skirt being used for this tour.

Sarah Slean Piano Artwork Cover

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