Friday, October 14, 2011

Emm Gryner Special Guest at Toronto Show?

Did the lovely Emm Gryner just agree to be a special guest at Sarah Slean's November 5th concert via Twitter?  In an exchange of Tweets last night last night it looks like they have come to a loose agreement.

On Saturday November 5th Emm Gryner is playing an early show at the Dakota Tavern in support of her new album Nothern Gospel.  The same day Sarah Slean is playing an 8:00 show at the historic Winter Garden Theatre.  Jim O'Leary pointed out to both girls that it's not the same time they double booked and got the ball rolling.

Emm has been highly supportive of Sarah's releases and they have a long history together.  Emm was a one of the special guest for Sarah's 2008 holiday concert in Toronto.

For those of you who missed the announcement on Sarah's facebook, she was on Canada AM today playing Set it Free.  The video is available here:

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