Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sarah and Joel Plaskett on the New Album

If you missed the headline posted not so long on Sarah's site, Joel Plaskett is working on Sarah's new independent album.  He currently has a few couple of tours coming up so it might take a little time before they get together.

Hallifax's The Coast had the following quotes from Joel about about working with Sarah saying "it's cool that she thought of me" and "Stylistically we're different, but it will be fun."

Canoe's article states "he is writing new songs for Sarah Slean."  Sarah's official site says they are "melding creative worlds."  These quotes tend to point out that Joel may have more active role then just a producer of the album and may take an unusual path for Sarah collaborating on the lyrics.
YourMediaPass asked about his future "I am going to see if I can produce some records for Sarah Slean" indicating that more then one album might be in the works.

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