Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rwanda Rises Up - June 12th (TV)

Song for Africa, Rwanda Rises Up documentary featuring Sarah Slean will air June 12th on City TV. Pushed back slightly from date in May, the exact dates and times for the release were published in today's Song For Africa newsletter.

SFA Documentary #2 Filming in Rwanda
Production on the second SFA Documentary entitled Rwanda: Rises Up
successfully wrapped shooting in Rwanda last November. Director Derek
Horn once again took the helm and music producer David Bottrill (Tool,
Muse, Silverchair…) handled the recording aspect for the accompanying
album, with artists Damhnait Doyle, Steve Bay from Hot Hot Heat, Sarah
Slean and Tim Edwards from Crash Parallel along for the journey. Watch
for the documentary to be aired on City TV on Saturday, June 12th at
8pm. The accompanying album will be released on Sony Music on June

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