Sunday, August 07, 2011

Sarah's Concert with Orchestra at Harbroufront

Last night Sarah sat down with a 21 member orchestra at busy Harbourfront stage with new arrangements of past songs and unveiling many new songs from her classical album, "Sea."

In the hot and humid afternoon they rehearsed on stage with a tweet from Sarah indicating they didn't have the music for the bass section that wouldn't print.

Following a comedic set by the Joe Trio, Sarah took to the stage at 9:30pm.  All songs where played with the orchestra with the exception of her new song Attention Archers played during the encore.  In total they would play 5 new songs from her new album for the first time.  Like in Elora, Sarah confirmed that Everything By The Gallon that was recorded on the b-side album for Beauty Lives has now been composed by Jonathan Goldsmith  for the Sea album.  Concluding the set each member of the orchestra was thanked by name.

The Setlist with all new songs in bold.

Modern Man I & II
Lonely Side of the Moon
Everything by the Gallon
Cosmic Ballet
The One True Love
The Right Words
The Rose
Attention Archers
You're Not Alone


Matt Wyllie said...

Wish I could've been in Toronto for this! Sarah live is always a treat, but with an orchestra it would be a delicacy! 

Anonymous said...

'comic ballet' is actually called 'the cosmic ballet'.