Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Free Concert on Toronto's Harbourfront - August 6th


Sarah Slean is returning to the outdoor stage at Harbourfront this summer for a free concert.  The concert takes place Saturday August 6th at 9:30 PM on the newly named West Jet stage.  Sarah played this same stage last year on Canada Day.

The headlining concert is part of an event called "What's Classical" and is curated by the Art of Time Ensemble's Andrew Burashko.

The event page sheds some more details on Sarah's new album.  The Sea album is described as having 4 original orchestrations by Sarah and 3 by Jonathan Goldsmith.

This is only the second known concert date Sarah has planned for this summer.  The first will come at the Elora Festival on July 16th.

More details can be found here:


Sean said...

Did anyone manage to catch the titles of the new songs? I have One True Love, Tyrant (no actual title was given), You're Not Alone, Attention Archers, The Cosmic _____ (Parting? Phrase? I missed when she said it and couldn't make it out in the song)

guest said...

'the cosmic ballet'.  'napoleon'.

Cameron said...

You guys are fast.  I got yesterday's set list and will make a new post it now as a new entry with and an overview of the new album. What you guys have so far is correct.