Friday, October 29, 2010

B-Side Project - Vote Reminder

The time to vote on 3 songs you would like to hear on Sarah's upcoming B-side album draws to a close tomorrow.

According to Sarah's Tweets, early results placed Count Me Out in the lead and I Do in the top 10. Songs in the 5th and 6th position are really close to each other in votes.

If the B-Side playlist of videos posted by littleslean is any indication on popularity, here are songs listed with the highest amount of views. The Alphabetical order the playlist was in seems to have had some influence on the view counts.

  1. Count Me Out -192
  2. Everything By The Gallon - 100
  3. I Do - 90
  4. Hooligans -87
  5. Glenn Gould Song -83
  6. My Song - 73
  7. Sadie - 69
  8. Oh Man! - 58
  9. Rock Star - 52

After the 30th these videos will be heading back to the vault.  Remember to make your vote count so you can have a recording your favorite b-side.  Top 3 votes should be submitted to thebaronessinc(AT)

A list of other known b-side titles can be found in our earlier post.

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