Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Sarah's Recession-ista Tour designers and dresses

Sarah currently is currently touring the country on the Recession-ista Tour and is making national news for upcycled fashion. I have put together a list of some of the currently known designers mentioned in various souces and added other antidotes in italics.

The official website has created profiles and examples on the following 3 designers:
Kat shared her excitement of working on Sarah's dress on twitter. She also interned for Annie Thompson who has designed her own dress for the tour.
Fellow designer at the Fresh Collective, Kate Jackson, designed Sarah's skirt in her video for Lucky Me.
Alyssa made two dresses for the tour, the first being worn in Pentanguishine.

May 27th e-talk ran a television segment where Sarah met and tried on the dresses from the following 2 designers:
  • Sonny Fong, winner Project Runway Canada, designed a dress out judges robes.
  • Annie Thompson created a dress out of bed sheets and a sweater.
Who is also an "amazing painter and sculptor" according to Sarah in this great article on the fashion of this tour by FFWD .

May 29th Entertertainment Tonight Canada ran a segment where Sarah tried on dresses and jewelry from the following designers:
  • Joyce and Judy at Comrags made a dress out of used hockey jerseys. See it here.

In an article from June 2nd's National Post they mentioned the following:
  • Rose-Marie Umetsu
Sarah was photographed in an Umetsu designed dress for a recent project by Catlin Cronenberg.
  • Janine Cockburn of label Momiji and another member of Fresh Connect used a sari and a "towelling jumper from the '70s"
  • Susan Harris, white and cream dress, antique table linens and other soft, timeworn fabric
Sarah and Susan Harris came together at the 2007 Green Carpet Series.
It's expected that more information on these designers will be posted on Sarah's official site and all the dresses will be showcased before the auction. Please share your comments on your favourite dresses and the ones you saw if you were lucky enough to see her on tour.

Sarah has made available upcycled clothes at her merchandise table of silk screened scarves. Here is a peek of the selection available at the first stop of the tour:

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