Thursday, June 04, 2009

Sarah with the Art of Time Ensemble (again!)

Just as Sarah Slean and the Art of Time Ensemble released Black Flowers together, the 2009/2010 Season includes two events that feature Sarah.

The first is the weekend of September 28th with 2 nights in tribute to the Beatles Abbey Road album. Sarah did a cover of the Accross the Universe at this year's Holiday Show.

To mark the 40th anniversary of the release of The Beatles’
Abbey Road, we present the entire album—re-imagined,
re-invented, and performed by top Canadian artists from the classical, pop and jazz worlds.

Featured Singers
Kevin Hearn
Raine Maida
Andy Maize
Steven Page
Sarah Slean
John Southworth
Martin Tielli

The Arrangers
Shelly Berger
Gavin Bryars
Robert Carli
Kevin Fox
Jonathan Goldsmith
Jim McGrath
Cameron Wilson
The Musicians
Andrew Burashko Piano
Benjamin Bowman Violin
Steven Dann Viola
John Johnson Sax
Rachel Mercer Cello
Joe Phillips Bass
Rob Piltch Guitar
Rick Sacks Percussion
Stephen Sitarski Violin
Michael White Trumpet
& Others
Link to info, profiles, and tickets can be found here. Please note that tickets appear to be selling fast. I have been advised that the first 3 rows may be an extention of the stage and the row following that is reserved. Deals are still to be had on side seating and for those who have seen Sarah or the Art of Time at Enwave before should note that there are really no bad seats

The second event is that Sarah and the Art of Time Ensemble will be doing shows in support of Black Flowers again. The dates have yet to be determined, but I would pencil in October and check back here to see if your city gets a show.

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reckless daughter said...

how fun! thanks for the heads up!!