Monday, April 13, 2009

Sarah works with Idol, Theo Tam

It appears that Sarah may have written on the Canadian Idol's new album. An article for the Sunny South News states both Sarah and Hawksley Workman worked with him.

The news seems to be accurate as the first single released from the album was co-written by Hawksley.

One of Theo's biggest covers on Canadian Idol was covering Sarah Slean's Sweet Ones and he has continued to play it since winning the title.

According to his Facebook, the new album Give it All Away is done recording, currently being mixed, and due for release May 19th. It may be worth checking the credits on the album for Sarah's name.

I would love any additional sources on this one, please comment if you have anything to add.

Update: 2009-04-16
The Canadian Press confirmed in an article today that Sarah did write for this album.

Update: 2009-04-17
The song Sarah co-wrote with Greg Johnston is titled 'Let Go'. - Popularity

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Anonymous said...

(Just regarding your post title, Theo's surname is TAMS, not Tam.)

You might be intersted in this article

especially this part:

Theo also collaborated with Canadian artists like Dahmnait Doyle and Andy Stochansky and had one of his musical idols, Sarah Slean, co-write a song for him with Greg Johnston.

Slean had never co-written a song for anyone before but was inspired to do so after seeing Theo perform a cover of her tune "Sweet Ones" on Canadian Idol last summer.

"Apparently she said that it was the first time that someone kind of did it right, the way the song was meant to be, and it was just so cool that she offered really to co-write a song," says Theo.

The result is "Let Go," which has become one of Theo's favourite songs on the album.

"It's the closest to my heart. That song is just kind of my anthem now. I like how she talks about how she has freedom and to me that's what Idol was. It was this chance for me to really just present myself, and my weaknesses, sweaty guy and all," he laughs, in reference to his very first Idol audition that had him meeting the judges with giant pit stains. "And really, for one of the first times in my life just step out (and) be myself."

Sue :-)