Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Release Date Change, Sarah with the Art of Time

The album recorded with Sarah Slean and the Art of Time Ensemble set to release next week has now been pushed to June 2nd.

Later that eve, I had a drink with the Pheromone Recordings exec Kim Cooke, who I've known for over a decade. He'll be putting out the Art of Time record I worked on this June, which I will be telling you all about in a week's time. I'm so proud of it, it's a truly unique piece of art, which is a feat in and of itself these days.

The above was an excerpt from Sarah's Juno blog of March 27th.

In late February news letter and official myspace posting the release date of April 14th was announced and echoed over here. Songs from this album previously were available to stream from the CBC radio 2 web site.

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