Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Details of Sarah Going Indie

On February 17th issue of Sarah official mailing list, she announced that she was going independent again and be "the master of my(her) own destiny."

Dose magazine had the chance to speak with Sarah about her being an independent artist during the tail end of Canadian Music Week before Sarah presented at the March 13th Canadian Radio Music Awards.

The full article, Sarah Slean Goes Indie, written by Leah Collins and published today is a great. There are a few points of it I would like to highlight.

"The Baroness Redecorates, was released last December, marking the end of her stint as a major-label artist."
I presume any re-releases or other distribution options of the EP may still be done by Warner. The Baroness (album) is currently still being promoted in Germany.

"I couldn't just record this song with so and so. It would be this big nightmare because they own your recorded output. I couldn't just make a short film with my animator friend because the music and the name and everything was partially owned," she explains.
The film referred to here is Tales of the Baroness done with Nelson Chan. The first part of the film was shown on TV and an advertised sale of DVD was offered but never delivered on. On the October 20, 2008 Q and A session when Sarah was asked about it's release on DVD she responded, "That I don't know. Maybe when we have more visual material we'll put together a proper DVD and that can be a bonus track...".
Other projects Sarah has mentioned that she is working on are, a film for Modern Man, Boy Wonder the play and the release of her sheet music.

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