Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sarah provides Poetry to Dance Work

Sarah wrote a poem, "The Abecedarian", for dance choreographer and artist Lucy Rupert's. The work was premiered as part of Wrecking Ball IV shown November 8-11 at the Theatre Centre

The Abecedarian (world premiere) choreographed by Lucy Rupert
Award-winning artist and artistic director of Blue Ceiling Dance, Lucy Rupert uses email, webcasts and film footage to create a duet from afar with dancer Kyle Abraham (New York/Pittsburgh). Songstress and poet Sarah Slean provides the words which are captured along with Abraham’s dancing in projected images which provide the sound score for Rupert’s live dancing. - The Wrecking Ball (retrieved Nov 13, 2007)
An entry from Lucy Rupert's blog seems to indicate that words to the poem might be added to sarahslean.com at some point in the future. At the time of publishing, no updates were noted to Sarah's official website, blog, or myspace.

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