Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Baroness - Those That Made the Cut

The official track listing was announced today with the presale for The Baroness. The tracklisiting is as follows:
  1. Hopeful Hearts
  2. Get Home
  3. Euphoria
  4. Goodnight Trouble
  5. Notes from the Underground
  6. Sound of Water
  7. No Place at All
  8. Please be Good to Me
  9. Willow
  10. So Many Miles
  11. Shadowland
  12. Looking for Someone
The 12 track album less any bonus songs is a fair amount shorter then the 16 or more songs first speculated. Some of the songs that didn't make cut or were retitled are:
  • Parasol / Sweet Virgina - Availble as digital download with album preorder
  • The Rose - "This string arrangement will break your poor heart into tiny bite-sized pieces." An earlier version of this song was recorded with Sarah's show with the Art of Time Ensemble as part of the Schubert 'Source and Inspiration Show" - Audio. Available with Lonely Side of the Moon in a special edition release of the Baroness on iTunes.
  • Compatriots - is a manic parade through circus-ville... - Played in 2007
  • My Song - Played in the Spring of 2005, recorded as part of CBC's FUSE tapping alongside Buck 65.
  • Remember (Rescue?) Me - Played in 2007 No Place At All made the album.
  • Modern Man
  • The Right Words
  • Please b g time Please Be Good To Me, made the album.
The fate for these songs and others that didn't make the cut might not be so grim.
"The singer, 30, had 23 songs to choose from which was later pared down to 18. Now the biggest challenge is paring those 18 down to 12, but Slean says she’ll find a home for all of the tracks.

“There was a lot happening in my life and I was writing a lot when I got back here,” she says. “I think I plan on making a DVD of these songs because there’s so many and having favourites is like having children. So I would like to release that a year down the line.”- Toronto Sun, December 21, 2007

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