Saturday, December 24, 2005

Sarah's Fall Art Showing

Sarah Slean self portrait - James Baird Gallery/Ravens
Image credited to Sarah Slean and James Baird Gallery.

Sarah was one of over 50 artists to submit her art to a show titled: I AM- Self Portraits- A Tribute To Lynn Donoghue. The show ran from September 23rd to November 16th 2005 at the James Baird Gallery in St. Johns Newfoundland.

Sarah's self portrait is the final image that appears in her book of art titled Ravens. The James Baird Gallery website features a much higher resolution scan of the image. In the enlarged version Sarah's pallet work is clearly visible.

This image from the James Baird Gallery shows the painting installed in the Gallery on the left wall. link.

The next known art showing of Sarah is February 2nd at the Spin Gallary in Toronto.

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