Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Live Recordings and other Slean News.

Recordings of shows from Sarah's 'Solo and Intimate' tour dates as well as her recent 'Christmas Shows' are being put together for a live album. According to Sarah most of the recorded shows were from the churches and the live album might be released as early as next spring.

The December 15 and 16th 'Christmas Shows' of Sarah were both beautiful performances with unique songs, arrangements, and guests. The first guest revealed on the Thursday show was none other then Sarah's grandmother, Mary. Sarah opened the concert with the song that was dedicated to her. The Blue Spruce Quartet then came out to play a full string version of Lucky Me and would join Sarah for over half the nights songs.

Some of the more rare songs for her to do that were played on both nights were, Last Year's War, Narcolepsy Weed, and I Know. In a April CBC radio interview she spoke about the difficulty she had when she last played I Know and how she had no intentions in playing it anytime soon.

The first night's guest artist was Tomi Swick, an opener for her some of her recent dates. She gave him praise as an artist. He played guitar and Sarah kept to the piano as they produced a cover a Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. Other songs that were exclusive to that night's show were:
St. Francis, Somebody's Arms, The Score, and Blue Parade.

The second concert featured Ron Sexsmith as a special guest. Almost a year ago Sarah was Ron's opener and they have come together on a few occasions since. On this night they covered Joni Mitchell's Magdalene Laundries. For the song Vertigo Sarah was joined by Todd Clark from the band Pilate. Sarah sang on an untitled track on Pilate's fourth coming album that is due this Spring. Other songs that were exclusive to the second night's show included Day One, Count Me Out, Duncan, and John the 23rd.

Concluding the show Sarah was given a Christmas Card put together by some of the Passioneers. The inside of the card had the names of fans who over the season had made a donation to a charity of their choice. Sarah was really touched and it was a job well done. The next morning she boarded a flight to Paris but will be back soon and will play the Art Show.


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